Guessing games and yes more rants

Today was a much better workout at the gym. I lifted some with the legs…a little more than what I had done last week. I then went and did 45 minutes on the treadmill. I think I topped out at 6.0 incline and 3.7 MPH. I went 2.6 miles and burned 520 calories. I went and got a drink and went to the bathroom and got a new piece of gum. I then decided to hop back onto the treadmill and I put in another 30 mintues. I topped out at an incline of 10.0 and 4.0 MPH. I went another 1.7 miles and burned another 400 calories. I was very pleased with my efforts. I might start doing 45 minutes on the treadmill as soon as I get to the gym and then lift and then do the all out 30 minutes on the treadmill to finish. I don’t know. I’ll see how froggy I keep feeling tomorrow morning. The best part is that I can still move and I will be mowing the lawn later this afternoon. Bring on the world, I’m ready for a rematch!

Now to move on to the guessing game. I have gotten a few guesses from some as to who the mystery woman I’ve been referring to is. For those playing along at home, it is not Rain. It is not Mickie. It is not Shaina. And after seeing her in person the week of WM, it is definitely not Trish. I had already put out there that it was not Rain or Trish but yet some guessed that anyway. However, 95% of the contestants have guessed correctly. It isn’t that shocking since I’m very predictable. Those that guessed wrong, sorry we have no parting gifts. Those that guessed right, sorry it was a 100 level entry course so you have no parting gifts for being right. Just take satisfaction in the knowledge that you understand the world of Fannin and that that makes you a better person…or something. Just don’t expect any prizes.

Here’s two more rants from the ball game last night that I left out of last night’s late blog. I was tired and I guessed they slipped my mind at the time.

Rant one: The seats behind home plate on the bottom that sell for $200 a seat. My friend Chris was like “We should have gotten those seats. They have their own restaurant and it is all you can eat and drink.” I responded with “there should be a prostitute and it be all she can suck added in for $200 a ticket.” I don’t think the father with his sons sitting next to us liked that comment. Don’t blame me. Blame the MLB teams that sell non World Series tickets for $200 a game. That is ridiculous. I wouldn’t pay that price for a ticket to watch the Cubs play the Yankees even if I knew in advance that someone was going to open fire on the Yankees and shoot them all. I would just sit at home and tape it so I could watch it over and over again…but I wouldn’t pay $200 for it. $50 is my limit for a ticket to a regular season baseball game unless it a game in which someone can get their 300th win or something like that.

Rant two. I was starving to death so I said to hell with the diet and I bought 2 cheeseburgers, fries and a bottle of water. Now at McDonalds or Burger King, you can buy soda, fries and 2 Double Quarter Pounders for about $10…trust me…I’ve got personal experience at it. At the White Sox game it cost $19.50!!!!! There were no prostitutes that came with this purchase either. The cheeseburgers were only quarter pounders as well. So you can get 4 times the food at a fast food restaurant for the same price that you can get at the ball game. That is ridiculous. The burger wasn’t that damn good. There weren’t big breasted scantilly clad women flirting with you as your waitress to cause the inflated price. No excuse other than the fact that you don’t have any options once you get inside the stadium so they know that they can rape you on the prices. To make matters even worse, the fries were so damn greasy that I couldn’t eat them. This coming from a guy who a few weeks ago while eating lunch with Ian and Mickie ate a personal pan pizza of pepperoni and pineapple and then ate a whole medium sized pizza of pepperoni and pineapple with grease dripping off the pizza like a faucet in one sitting. And I’m saying that these fries were too damn greasy. MacGyver could have made a bomb without having to add anything but a shoelace and gum to the cup of french fries they were so damn greasy.

Ok rants are done. I feel much better now.

Until next time…I’ve got the adrenaline for the babyface comeback now after my workout…now I just have to hope that I have the talent to pull it off!






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