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Well this morning got off to an unbelieveable start. I woke up at 6:30 am and felt like going to the gym. I fiddled on the computer and such and went in to the gym around 8:30. I was just going to take it easy. I got to the gym and ended up doing more lifts than I did on Tuesday and Thursday. I was feeling frisky so I ended up doing 60 minutes on the treadmill. 3.56 miles. I started at 3.2 MPH and 1.0 Grade incline. I would up the incline and speed every five minutes. I got up to 3.8 before the legs said they wouldn’t move any faster. I started going back down but when I got back to 3.5 I said to hell with it and kicked it back up and finished at 3.7 MPH and 6.5 grade incline. I was pleased with that.

Chris and I went to lunch for his 30th birthday. We went to Hooters and I celebrated my good workout at the gym by treating myself to a hamburger and fries. I didn’t eat 1/3 of the bun and I only ate 1/2 the fries. Usually we would have left Hooters and stopped at the Wendy’s and got a Frosty. I ate tacos for supper. I usually have three and then make like a taco mountain on the plate afterwards. Tonight I could only eat two tacos. I let today be my free day since tomorrow my Grandma and Aunt Faye are leaving for the cabin in Kentucky. I won’t be able to have my Sunday morning breakfast. I will cook a chicken breast on the Foreman grill and nuke some broccoli and have that for my lunch before I go to my mom’s side of the family’s Easter dinner. It will be one of my two visits with that side of the family in their entirity for the course of the year.

Tonight ABC aired The Ten Commandments. I would like to know what the hell they think they are doing. They always aired it on Easter night. My dad and I would watch it every year together. I was looking forward to watching it tomorrow night. I turn in for the night and flip the channels to see what is on and low and behold there is The Ten Commandments on my television. I had already missed the best parts of the movie…every time the Pharaoh would break out one of the greatest lines ever “So let it be written…so let it be done.” I love that quote. I would use that quote but since it is involved in a religious setting, I don’t want to use it. I may end up changing my mind and using it anyway. I can see me one night going “Bull I want you to kill him…so let it be written…so let it be done.”

The Cubs played like shit tonight. How can they lose 2-1 to the Pirates? Sean Casey wasn’t even playing after John Mabry broke his back with that running forearm shiver last night. This is going to be an up and down season.

Well back to Mind of Mencia. 90 minutes of laughing left. BTW, That 70s Show is quickly rising up the list of all time favorite shows as long as it doesn’t include the newer episodes without Eric on them. The show is actually funny in addition to having Laura Prepon on it. I love the dad. My grandma watches with me and she loves the mom on the show.

Until next time…Plan B being successful is a great thing…now lets hope that Phase II is just as successful. Vote Happy Fannin in 2006.






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