Back to my usual ramblings about nothingness

I was sore all over today when I woke up. First day back and the gym and yard work kicked my tailfeathers. I drove into town and dropped my car off at the shop, should get it back on Friday afternoon. I then walked the three blocks hauling my gym bag up to the gym for today’s workout. The walk did me good. It got me warmed up for the workout. I worked on legs but didn’t do too much. My legs were on fire though when I was done with the little lifting that I did do. I then put in 30 minutes on the treadmill without thinking I was having a heart attack. I consider it a successful day. I even walked down to my Uncle Ray’s and back after returning home so with the walking I’ve done today, I would think it was close to 2.5 miles.

I’ve been trying to get Dontrell Willis from Brent Blades in the fantasy baseball league for several weeks now. Today I offered up a couple of Cubs to sweeten the pot. I’m constantly offering trades and combing the waiver wire to pass the time during the day. Hopefully it results in a decent team and I continue having fun with it.

I had thought about going to the Cub game today. I’ve always wanted to see Maddux pitch and with this possibly being his last season, I’m running out of chances to see the best pure pitcher of my lifetime. I put an offer out on myspace bulletin to see if anyone was interested in going along. In a perfect world, THE GIRL would have responded with a “let’s go and have some fun.” Of course, it would never be that easy for me. No offers so I’m sitting at home getting ready to watch the game now. It saves a lot of money I guess and there is still a lot of games left to go and see Maddux. I don’t know if I’d want to watch him get shelled with the wind blowing out anyway.

Speaking of THE GIRL, I still haven’t finalized crafting plan B. I’m awaiting some input from Maniwa whom I’ve asked to be my Inspector Clousseau and do some detective work for me. He’s under the weather so nothing new on the information department. I have an idea that Fusion is working on getting some information for me and then we may go from there. I have begun to accumulate some doubt though the longer it takes to come up with a plan B. I still have optimism but it is weakening by the hour.

Well it is time for the Cubs and I have nothing else to ramble about for the time being.

Until next time, the prayers aren’t working fast enough so cross some fingers and rub a bald man’s head for some luck to get a happy Fannin.






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