Random stuff about this weekend, edited with a response to the plan

Yesterday I had to go help Ian and Mickie. They got a flat tire near Gary, Indiana and Patti’s car didn’t have a jack or a spare/donut tire. I jumped into my car and headed out to help them. I realized that I wouldn’t make it that far before the tire shop closed so I put in a call to Ray since he lives by there in Valparaiso. He was able to make it in time to get the tire off the car and to the store 3 minutes before they closed. I arrived to the scene right as they returned with the tire. We all went to eat at IHOP in Merrillville afterwards. A big thanks goes out to Ray for being there in a tight spot for us.

The Cubs are off to a 3-1 start this season. My friend Chris got me an autographed baseball from starting SS Ronnie Cedeno last night at a Toys R Us in Niles, IL. We have now gotten Cedeno and Juan Pierre autographs this season. The Schaumburg Toys R Us is having Jacques Jones in a few weeks. Of all the Cubs players to get for an autograph signing, they get the one player that was 0-13 on the season coming into tonight’s game. He did get some brownie points by hitting a 3 run homer tonight to give the Cubs the lead but as of press time, the Cubs are losing 4-3. Another homer to win the game tonight and maybe I’ll consider getting his autograph at the end of the month.************************************ Cubs hit a grand slam in the 8th inning off of St. Louis’ closer to win the game…unbelievable. I’m officially going on record as saying I have a feeling that this is going to be like 2003 and hopefully better. I had that feeling last year about the Bears and my beloved Morris Redskins. Let’s hope it is more like the Redskins feeling.

I have other things brewing at press time and when I get a response, I will let those know who have been instrumental in helping me this week know the result. Some will be upset to hear that I went ahead with the plan…others are happy.***********************************I just got my response. We’ll call it a foul ball at the moment but it is in the air and still in play so I can still get out. I’m hoping it makes it out of play however and that I have another swing in me. 29+ year olds that are stuck in the minors for the Class A ball Daytona Cubs don’t get too many second chances after a foul popup so we shall see(that analogy was for you Brent).

Here’s to hoping for a good year for the Cubs and me.

Until next time…pray for a happy Fannin.






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