Who’s on the shitlist? updated on 4/5/06 – 2 new additions

People have asked me just exactly who is on the shit list and I feel like venting a bit so here is a rundown of the Top 5 on the shit list with some reasons as to why they are on there.

1. SHITLIST. Just about everyone knows who it is. His name is dead to me so he just gets called SHITLIST since he is at the top of the list. If any of my prayers ever get answered, more than his name will be dead and it will be painful and gruesome. I could write for a year on all the reasons why I hate this piece of dog fuck (thanks Maniwa for your rant on David Camm and using the Bull Pain dictionary) so we’ll just give a condensed version. He is a guy that didn’t earn his way into IWA nor deserve the break that he was given. He carried a bag into it. I saw relatively early on that he was a fucking waste of a spot on the roster but it took more time for others to see. The deal for his no talent ass to be on the show was putting up the ring and taking down the ring. Once he got what he wanted, he stopped doing those things. He didn’t do the right thing and come to me like a man but that rant has already been done earlier last week. He was able to hide his lack of talent by shoving a needle in his ass to give himself fake muscles and fake talent. He may be able to fool some people that want to believe otherwise that he magically got muscles overnight but the message boards and other people with open minds know better. Once the opportunity knocked for him to go work for the one company that he shouldn’t have…he jumped at it. So not only does he have shit for brains, steroids for muscles, not a drop of charisma or loyalty, he is just a complete and total piece of dog fuck waste of a human being. I gave him two free passes in the past because of the love that I had for someone who likes him. Well the free passes are over now. I already talked about that being my two biggest regrets. Well if SHITLIST thinks of dropping in for a visit at any future IWA shows, I am scheduling his first visit upon entering the building with my baseball bat and it will not be a friendly chat. Fuck him and God have mercy on the souls that try to stop me.******People want to know why it has to be a painful and gruesome death when others on the shitlist could just up and die and it be fine. Here is the reason: I don’t just get even…I get ahead. Emotional pain is 100 times worse than physical pain and all the hatred and anger with this guy is on the emotional side. Because of him and his deceitful practices, I am dead on the inside. Instead of knowing that he did it and was responsible for it, I had to have two other people in my car talking about it to find out and I think the conversation went something like this “Hey Ian, what happened to the driver? Why does he have a huge hole in his chest and why is he bleeding all over the place?” Then Ian giving the answer of what happened and then I looked down and saw what the other person was talking about and found out that I had been murdered on the inside but the fucker didn’t have the common courtesy to finish the job. Therefore, it would have to be a painful and torturous death for it to even come close to getting even let alone getting ahead. It would take a lot of physical pain to get it even. A whole helluva lot.

2. This is the surprising spot on the shit list…up until the lack of loyalty from SHITLIST this could have been argued as being spot 1A. But number two on the shit list is myself. That’s right. I’m the number two spot on my shit list. You’ve seen the answer in my surveys about how I hate myself. Now for why I hate myself. There is at the most if you stretch it, 10 people whose opinion of me I care about. Right towards the top is someone who I hold very dear in my heart. Obviously in her opinion, I’m worse than SHITLIST. If I am not better than a liar and a fraud and a no talent sack of shit that is a waste of a human being, then I have to hate myself. If I’m worse than a waste of a human being then I shouldn’t even be alive. I’ve never been one for having high self esteem or thinking very highly of myself but obviously even at that, I thought too highly of myself. I need to lower my opinion of myself. At least I have loyalty. He wasn’t qualified to wrestle on a nintendo game before Ian used him as a favor. I wouldn’t be in the business if it weren’t for Ian. I have loyalty and he doesn’t…therefore I am no longer 1A on the shit list but drop to a clear cut #2.*****Some have commented to me that they can’t believe that I would list myself on my own shit list. I guess I didn’t explain it well enough. If I am not better than a piece of shit that rides the coattails of someone else to get him where he doesn’t belong, then why should I like myself? If I am not any better than some sack of shit without an ounce of loyalty when loyalty is all I have, then why should I like myself? If I am that ugly, hideous and disgusting that I’m not better than some piece of dog fuck that shoves needles into his ass and so his look is a fraud and a scam and unearned just like everything else about him, then why should I not hate myself with a passion? Yes, I’m on my own shit list and I belong there. I belong there for being the BIGGEST waste of space, air and a human being since I’m obviously worse than who I would consider to be the biggest waste of space, air and a human being.

3. Danny Daniels. I don’t think I have to go into explanation on this one. It should be fairly obvious why he takes up this spot.********Why is he 3 and Jacobs 4, simple: he paid for it to happen. He wanted it to happen and he paid for it to happen. God have mercy on his soul if we ever cross paths because I sure as fuck won’t.

4. Jimmy Jacobs. Again just like 1 and 3, I could go on for a long time on this one. How many places did Jimmy get to wrestle before he came to IWA? How many places was he taken seriously? How many places would have put the heavyweight title on a guy that weighed 170 pounds at the most and given them a long run with the title? I didn’t put 8 years of blood, sweat, tears and tens of thousands of dollars into helping keep IWA afloat so these guys could get breaks that they NEVER would have received elsewhere and get the exposure so they could shit on us for a payday in another fed.******This spot can be easily had by someone else. I sent my message to Jimmy and got in a little revenge on my way out back in January. I almost consider it even. Almost. In due time, I’m sure that this will be the spot that falls farther down the list. In time, he could even just fall behind Joe Bailey and down to 5 or off the top 5 all together depending on how stupid other people are in the future.

5. This is a close race but Joe Bailey wins out in the end to stay in the top 5 of the shit list. Again, pretty self explanatory. All the things that man did in the past to hurt IWA will always keep him high on the list. New contenders arise every now and then but it will take a lot to knock this HEAVYweight off the upper part of the list. He wouldn’t even be on the list anymore if it weren’t for the fact that every month when I write that $400 check to make the payment on the loan for all the fire doors and exit signs etc for the Charlestown building that it gives me 400 more reasons to hate him.

After much deliberation, I decided that there should be a 3 way tie for 5th place on the shit list. I couldn’t leave these two other people off and just have them on the honorable mention list, especially after this past weekend. Therefore, on to the two new additions:

5B. Jim Cornette. Just like Joe Bailey this guy has been a thorn in our side for a long time. He faded into the background after Vince fired him but he’s back. Welcome back to the shit list Corny. I could go on and on about why but since some people get all bent out of shape when I voice my opinion even though they have all the right in the world to voice theirs, I will just say that Jim Cornette is on the shit list and it is fairly obvious why.

5C. Gabe whatever the fuck his last name is. You want to claim that we “piggybacked” off of ROH this past weekend. Where did you get half of your roster? Telling guys like Matt Sydal and BJ Whitmer that they can’t work our show is ridiculous when they started with us. Where is the outrage from the wrestling fans? We tell people not to work for a company that trashed us and we were the bad guys to the internet fans. ROH tells guys that started for us long before they worked ROH not to work for us and no outrage. I guess it is a double standard. Gabe should worry about losing his job to 5B more than he should be worrying about what we do. Again, I have censored out a lot of my original statements so that I wouldn’t upset anyone with a weak stomach that doesn’t believe in freedom of speech for everyone.






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