Voting Day and other stuff

I just got back from having lunch with Chris at Wendy’s. I had to go cash in some change for my grandma, $388 worth. I then went to vote at the church. It was the first time I’d been in the church since the last time I voted which I guess would have been November of 2004. I am thinking about going one of these Sundays just to see how much different it is. I haven’t been to a Sunday sermon at my church in years. I think the last time I went would have been Easter of 2004 or maybe it was 2003 when I went with Shaina to her mom’s church. Not that anyone cares, but I voted for Oberweis as Govenor and pretty much everyone else was unopposed in all the local elections. I hope Weller wins another term in Congress. I like him.

There have been a few posts on the message board asking if my appearance in Plainfield means a full time return in is the works. I would love to be back in IWA full time. It was my life for 8 years. I gave my heart and soul to IWA and did everything I could for the company. Blood, sweat, tears, money. I will have a talk with Ian and see if the situation that led to my leaving is over and if it is clear for my full time return. So those asking on the message board are just going to have to wait for an answer. Since it is only a couple, I’m sure they can survive a few days before a decision is made. If and when a decision is made, expect one helluva hate laced update when a lot of things will be said that have been censored for the most part this past half year or so. Ray, you will be proud of the spitefullness that will be oozing out of such an update.

The past few days have sucked royally sleeping wise. I couldn’t sleep at all Saturday night. I couldn’t sleep much on Sunday night. I kept having the same thoughts run through my head that kept bothering me. Last night I went to bed at 8 pm after Deal or No Deal went off the air with a headache from lack of sleep. I woke up at 4 am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep until after 6 am. Blah to not being able to sleep on a normal schedule.

Tonight is the season finale of The Shield. 90 minutes of greatness on television. I can’t wait. I might have to take a nap before hand to make sure that I’m wide awake for it.

That is all for now.

Until next time…here is another home made survey to keep you occupied:

1) What is your biggest regret? Well I am a huge fan of General Patton. At the end of World War II, he wanted to go into Russia and start a war with them and beat them before they could start a war with us. He knew that it was a war that had to be fought and he wanted to do it while he had his troops in Berlin and ready to strike. Generals Eisenhower, Marshall and Bradley knew that President Truman wouldn’t go along and they wanted to play diplomacy with Russia and try to avoid another war. Patton was fired and sent home. Now onto my regret. I should have taken out the garbage when I had the bat in my hand and had already dispatched my Germany. I should have walked over to the commentary table and laid out Russia and been done with it. Finished the war and been able to sleep in peace at night having my revenge on the piece of shit scum of the earth that wasn’t man enough to have one ounce of respect for my feelings as a human being and tell me himself what he was doing. I know that I’m full of anger and not the nicest person in the world especially to cocksuckers that don’t deserve the time of day but by God I am human and do have feelings. Instead I had to hear about it from two other people talking amongst themselves that assumed I had already been told since it would have been the right thing and the human thing to do. He obviously had no respect for me as a man and no respect for me as a boss. Then I had to hear from his friend how he had nothing but respect for me. Well I stopped buying bullshit the second my mom died in my arms and while I was dumb enough to buy some bullshit leading up to that because I wanted to believe it was true, I’m not in the market right now for bullshit. Perhaps it is an even bigger regret that I didn’t cut his throat back in October when I had the knife in my hand and could have done away with him. Instead I decided to be a bigger person and just deal with the misery. I didn’t want to cause heat for Ian and I didn’t want to hurt someone that I love. Hell at that point I just wished that I was really dead instead of wishing it on that waste of air, space, time and a human being. Hell I’ve been miserable most of my life so what’s the difference? The difference was the fact that the worthless pile of shit shouldn’t have been given the free pass. He didn’t earn or deserve to be in IWA in the first place. It was a favor to a friend for whom he was A BITCH AND A BAG CARRIER to let him stink up the place and then he found talent in a bottle and stuck around. I knew from the fact that he had no respect for me or his position on the roster that he had Shit For Brains but it just took a little while longer for others to figure that out. Some may still be duped but that isn’t my problem. It took longer than I figured for someone with Shit For Brains to Fuck Up but he came through with shining colors eventually. I should have finished him off back in October when I had the chance and I definitely should have finished him off back in January when I was already on the battlefield and ready to go. Regrets that I will have to live with forever.

Well I guess I didn’t wait very long for some of the tirade to come out in the open. There could be plenty more from where that came from in the coming days.

I guess I will end the survey before I get too much more pissed off (my final wish will be censored but I’m sure most of you can figure out what I hope happens to the son of a bitch).






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