Karaoke again

I did karaoke again tonight at the VFW. I did five songs. I started off with two Sinatra songs – “Summer Wind” and “My Kind Of Town.” It was my second time to sing “Summer Wind” and I thought I did real well with “My Kind of Town.” I don’t want to get typecast as a Sinatra only kind of singer so I try to mix in some other stuff. Tonight I went with Garth Brooks’ “Learning to Live Again.” I wasn’t very happy with my performance on that one. Drop the “again” and it would be a description of my life but I’m not doing well with country so far. I also sang George Strait’s “I Hate Everything.” I hated how I sang that song. It is one of my favorite songs but without George to lead me through it on CD or radio, I can’t pull it off. I finished with my now signature encore…”My Way.” I think this was hands down my best version of it of the three times I’ve sang it. People were applauding before I even finished and the DJ gave me kudos over the mic and the next girl complained about having to follow it. It wasn’t a very fun night though because there were only 19 people in there. Ian and Mickie needed to be there to liven up the party.

I watched Inside Edition today and they had a segment on couples getting back together after a long break from each other. My Aunt Sharon got back with her first husband several years later so I guess it can happen. I don’t think it is a frequent event or anything though.

Prior, Lee and Wood all have bum shoulders for the Cubs and Wood also has a bad knee. Not a good start for the baseball season. Guess it is going to be another long baseball season for me. Blah.

That’s all for now. Time to wait for the snow and see if that effects my travels to Streamwood tomorrow night to drop off flyers.

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