A night of Karaoke for Ian, Mickie and me

Last night was a very fun night indeed. Mickie, Ian and myself went to the VFW and participated in karaoke.

Mickie and I spent the day putting out flyers in Midlothian. OK, I drove and Mickie put out the flyers but still. We got quite a few out to the stores but it was raining and we couldn’t do parking lots. We stopped by the Midlo Rec Center to see about getting the show put up on the billboard outside. I saw a flyer for the other group that runs the building and they have a tag team named THE R’ N R’ EXPRESS. That is one of the reasons that I hate wrestling. Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson didn’t bust their ass becoming one of the greatest tag teams in history so some unoriginal fucking hacks could piggyback off them. I dare indy wrestlers to have some originality and come up with their own name. The same goes for Kamala Jr and Kamala Jr Jr and Blaze Bigelow in Indiana indys. Don’t capitalize off of someone else’s hard work. If you have no talent and need to steal a name, you don’t belong in the business in the first place. We stopped at the Toys R Us on Cicero Avenue and we found James Christopher a bib that says “I love my godparents” on it.

Anyway, back to karaoke. I did two duets with Ian. We started the night off with a great rendition of David Allan Coe’s “You Never Even Called Me By My Name.” The second duet was quite funny. Ian and myself sang “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” to Mickie. It wasn’t as funny as when BJ and I sang it to her in Valpo because we didn’t have the sunglasses and Ian knew the words. I didn’t fare as well with the duet back and forth parts at the end since I hadn’t done that before on karaoke. Mickie couldn’t bring herself to look at us for more than three seconds at a time and would just look at the television and shake her head.

I then did two Frank Sinatra songs. “Strangers in the Night” was my first one and then I finished with “My Way.” Mickie and Ian thought that I did a great job on “My Way” and Mickie said she almost cried while I was singing it. I was disappointed because I had put in another song but they ran out of time before I could do it. I had put in for Buffalo Club’s “If She Don’t Love You.” When I went up to sing the last time I asked the lady running the karaoke which song it was and she said “I went with MY WAY because you did such a great job with it last time.” I would have traded Strangers in the Night for If She Don’t Love You if I had known I would get them all in.

Mickie sang Sarah McLaughlin’s “Angel” and Martina McBride’s “Broken Wing.” She hit a home run with Broken Wing. Awesome job.

Ian sang George Strait’s “I Can Still Make Cheyenne” as his solo performance. That is a very fitting song for the wrestling business. Towards the end, some guy did Bob Seger’s “Turn the Page” and the three of us sang it loudly from the bar. That is probably the most fitting song for the wrestling business that is out there.

Mickie and Ian had a blast and kept saying all night “I can’t believe that we are at a bar with Jim Fannin and we are all having fun.” At one point, Ian went out to the dance floor while my aunt and her boyfriend were dancing and he asked to cut in. My aunt turned around and went to dance with Ian and he pushed her out of the way and grabbed her boyfriend and started dancing with him. The look on my aunt’s face was priceless. Mickie thought I was starting to look depressed towards the end of the night and asked if a dance with her would cheer me up. I declined the offer and she asked why. Brent Blades loves my minor league analogy so here was my response. “Dancing with you tonight would be the Cubs calling up a minor leaguer for a day and having him sit on the bench and then the next day shipping him back to the minors.” Mickie asked what the hell that meant and Ian went overboard in his response to her but was in the general vincinity. There’s nothing worse than being given something that you want more than anything else in the world but it not being the situation that you want. Dancing with Mickie as just friends would be more depressing than not dancing at all. Just like finally getting called up to the majors and then not getting to play and being shipped back to the minors would be worse than not getting called up at all. So close to feeling what it would be like to realize the dream…yet so far away. Ian then had a long talk with my Aunt Faye and her boyfriend about several things that almost made me cry.

We went to Romines afterwards but Ian wasn’t in good condition so he went out to the car and laid back in the seat while we finished eating.

That was the night at the karaoke bar. I believe that we will be heading out sometime today and I’ll be coming back home on Monday after watching the season premiere of The Sorpranos.

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