Survey I thought up while entertaining myself at MAW on Friday night

Name: James Michael Fannin

Theme song for your life: It would have to be a medley because one song wouldn’t do it. It would start off with Sinatra’s “My Way” which would then give way to Buffalo Club’s “She Don’t Love You” which would then naturally lead into Green Day’s “Boulevard of Broken Dreams” and that would cause it to finish with George Strait’s “I Hate Everything” with the happy ending edited out and Avril dubbed in screaming “So Much For My Happy Ending.”

Motto to live by: I play by the rules…my rules

Favorite form of government: I would love to be Emperor of the world

Favorite form of torture: If I got to torture someone, I would break their fingers and toes with a hammer; break their feet, hands, shins and forearms with a sledgehammer; barb wire bat shots to the back, stomach and then rake it across the face for a minute or two; then stab them in the stomach with a knife and dump salt into the wound and watch them slowly bleed to death.

Say something spiteful (this is for Ray): I had a nice long rant about how shitlist could never redeem himself in my eyes that had some harsh comments. However, in a couple of weeks, I may have a new name to debut for him that will have the initials of SFBFU. Talk to me then.

Is it more important to win or to be fair? I would much rather be a cheating winner than a fair loser. Whoever said “it isn’t whether you win or lose but how you play the game” was obviously a loser. That rates right up there in stupidity with “I tried” and “I did my best.”

Are you a pessimist, optimist or realist? I view myself as a realist. Others view me as a pessimist. I say realist though because I just call it as I see it and it just happens to be that reality is negative.

Favorite piece of advice? – I prefer Jesse Ventura’s “all good offense stems from a thumb to the eye” however the other one I live by comes from a motivational speaker from my freshman year of high school – “it is better to shoot for the stars and miss than aim for a pile of shit and hit.”

Worst experience asking someone out/being asked out? It would have to be the first girl that I asked out when I was a sophomore in high school. She laughed in my face and my mortal enemy happened to be standing there and witnessed it. It took two years for me to live that down.

Do you prefer thick or thin when it comes to opposite sex? – I am truly scared to death of skinny women. I think that they are going to blow away if it is windy or that their bones are just going to disinegrate due to the force of gravity. Eat a cheeseburger ladies and then you could possibly be the next one to reject me.

I don’t expect anyone else to fill out this survey except for maybe Ray. I was bored while at the MAW show on Friday night so I just thought up random questions for a survey that aren’t the usual same 50 questions that are in every survey on here. I left out some.

Time to get ready to go flyering for the Midlo show with Ian and Mickie.

Until next time…may the desert ants hold their annual parade in your underpants (courtesy of Johnny Carson as Carnac”






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