George Strait, my first wrestling shows in 2 months, other stuff

George Strait, my first wrestling shows in 2 months, other stuff

Last Tuesday I went down to Louisville to visit with Ian and family before coming up to go to the George Strait concert and the MAW shows this weekend.

The ride down was quite entertaining as I listened to Mike North on 670 AM on the ride. He was conducting a survey about whether you were “happy, very happy or a miserable son of a bitch.” I don’t think there is much doubt as to what category I fall into of those three.

I get to Louisville and about the first thing I do when I get into the house is hold James Christopher. He basically immediately pukes on me. It is the first time that he has done that in the 3 months that he has been alive. I get plenty of burps from him but never puke. I hand him off to Mickie and go change my shirt. She hands him back to me and low and behold he pukes on me again. Twice in five minutes and on a Morris Redskins shirt. I had a discussion with the boy and told him that he had to stop doing that. Wednesday morning he really got me good completely down the front of me. Three times in 24 hours. We’ll be pointing him away from me for awhile now! He is still a handsome little man though even after getting my Morris shirt twice.

It was a fantastic episode of The Shield on Tuesday night. I have decided that if Emolia and Dutch don’t get it for being rat finks that I will be very disappointed with the show.

I watched what has to be my favorite episode of Friends. It is when Joey falls in love with Rachel and doesn’t know how to tell her or if he even should. Everyone else knows about it and is giving him advice. Joey is all depressed and Phoebe borrows her friend’s dog that is “the happiest dog in the world” so Joey can play with it and cheer up. When Phoebe comes back to get the dog, the dog is all depressed and doesn’t even want to move. She asks Joey what he did and he said he talked to the dog about his situation with Rachel. The Joey cries “I broke the dog!” Great stuff.

Fox Sports has a show called Beyond the Glory where the profile a player/team/etc. I caught an episode that was on the 1992 UK squad that got labeled “The Unforgettables.” It focused on the 1992 UK/Duke game that is widely regarded as the greatest college basketball game ever. I remember watching that game in my living room and crying at the end when UK got jobbed by the timekeeper. Even the Duke players on this special all said “we kept waiting for the buzzer to go off.” It was after watching that game that I decided I was definitely going to UK. Strange since I’m not big into basketball but still very true.

The George Strait concert was a fun time. It was Ian, Chris and me going down to Champaign to watch it. Ian and I discussed quite a few things on the trip and got a lot of my feelings out into the open and off my chest. We didn’t like the finish of the concert. George Strait’s encore sucked. 3 songs we didn’t know and a Johnny Cash song. He didn’t do like 6 of his number 1 hits so we really were upset at picking 4 songs for an encore without it being those. The women took over the men’s bathrooms at the concert. I had an upset stomach like I usually do and as I was walking out of the bathroom on my second trip, 3 women just came barging into the men’s room because the line for the women’s room was unbelievable. Ian had to go later and they had turned every men’s room but one into a women’s room and he had to wait forever in line and almost missed the start of George Strait’s set. Crazy.

The next day was the trip to Milwaukee for MAW. It was my first wrestling show in almost two months. I thought I would despise every second of it but it wasn’t so bad afterall. There was some ugly shit that occured after the show in the bar that led to me chasing down a car in the street but I just had enough time to yell at the guy that he better not show up the next night or else he was a dead man. I won’t go into details of what the f*cker did but you don’t do certain things to a damn good friend of mine and just walk away unharmed.

The second night was a cluster. Joey Eastman almost had a heart attack when I walked into the building. Carmine showed up at belltime hammered. It was just bad. The show was entertaining. Eastman, Joe Herro and myself made fun of the first several matches. Ian vs. Dysfunction was great. Comedy galore…several refs. We chanted “We Want Troy” so Ian made Troy the ref after having Jill McKee and one other fan ref. As soon as Troy got into the ring we started chanting “Kill the ref.” Ian gave him the back heel kick to the groin. It was awesome. Some manager took the worst asswhipping that I have ever witnessed. Corporal, Craig, Frankie Defalco, Dysfunction and others just massacred him. Corp hit him with a chairshot while jumping off the top rope. He took about 5 other chairshots. Frankie busted him in the face with a huge upright vaccuum cleaner. The guy was in the bathroom for an hour afterwards trying to stop bleeding and get cleaned. I had quite a discussion with Carmine in the bar after the show. He pulled me down next to him and started talking. He wanted to let me know that he admired what I did to Jimmy Jacobs. We talked about how much more severe it would have been if it was 1980 instead of 2006. It was probably the most bonding that Carmine and I have done in the 7 years I’ve known him. Of course, he was so plastered that he wouldn’t stop talking and let me say anything but it was still something else. Ian and Mickie couldn’t believe their eyes when they saw me sitting at the bar with Carmine talking.

I will just finish with saying that everyone needs to watch Jessica Biel in Summer Catch and Dana Jacobson on Cold Pizza on ESPN2 every morning.

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