Big Update but nothing major…just like usual

I am two episodes away from finishing off season 4 of Dallas. It will be 2 very good episodes as Kristin comes back after giving birth to “JR’s son” which will later end up being adopted by Bobby and Pam and turns out to not be JRs son anyway. I can’t wait to watch JR push her off the balcony and into the pool, killing her. JR told her that if she came back that he would take care of her in his own way. She didn’t listen and once again tries to blackmail old JR. When will people ever learn? I’ll probably get right on watching those episodes as soon as I’m done with this update and ordering autograph show tickets.

That autograph show should be some fun times. Chris and Ian will be going with me to that. It is the same weekend as the Candido Cup and about 15 minutes away from there too. Saturday is all Cowboys from the 3 Super Bowl Teams from the 90s. Sunday has Urlacher, Singletary and Butkus. If they have a good picture with all three of them together, I will get that and find a place to put it. Ian is going to have a field day getting Cowboys on his football on Saturday. I’m getting him a couple for birthday and Christmas presents so that will be taken care of nice and early this year. Chris will be getting several Cowboys as well to go on his big helmet.

I have that autograph show, Gretchen Wilson concert, Miranda Lambert concert all coming up in the next month. Tim McGraw and Faith Hill tickets go on sale next weekend for their shows in Chicago at the end of April. With all these things coming up in March, I have decided to push back any search for a job until April. That should give me plenty of time to decide whether or not I want to do that.

I glanced at results for this weekend’s shows and it looks like things went well. I knew that the shows would survive nicely without me and well it looks like maybe they even did better without me. I’m sure the morale was up in the dressing room without the tension of my anger and hatred and more anger being present. I talked with Fusion yesterday after I read results from Midlothian about an idea that popped into my head. We both got a kick out of it and a good laugh.

John Dergo won the state championship Saturday night at 171 lbs for wrestling. He finished the year 43-0. Last year he went 44-0 on his way to winning the 171 lbs championship. He finished his high school career with a 91 match win streak and a 3rd place and 2 state championships to go along with all of his football records. His dad was his wrestling coach and announced his retirement after John won the state championship so he can watch him wrestle in college at University of Illinois. He said he hasn’t decided if he will return to coach football next year and defend the 6A state championship. John leaves school with 3 state championships (2 wrestling 1 football), 1 runner up (football) and 1 third place finish (wrestling.) Unbelievable run and I’m glad that I got to witness the football part of it. I went to school with several great athletes in the history of MCHS, namely Kelly Dransfeldt, but I think no one could argue that he will go down at the top of the list.

In closing, I will finish with more Dallas talk. I said recently that I was Digger Barnes in the grand scheme of things from that show. Well Digger is dead and his son Cliff Barnes is the new me. In one episode this season he told his sister Pam to leave him alone so he could sit by himself. He waited to be angry, depressed and hate the Ewings for everything that they have done to him. That definitely sounds like me. The difference is that Cliff always returns to get bitch slapped by JR time after time. I’m eventually smart enough to say “Fuck it, I’m beat” and walk away. The thing that Dallas did very smart in this season is bringing in Jeremy Wendell. He is the much bigger fish compared to JR and he can bitch slap JR around because Westar Oil is one of the 8 major WORLDWIDE oil companies. Ewing Oil is just a huge independent. JR’s parents were threatening to get a divorce so JR went to Jeremy Wendell to sell Ewing Oil to Westar so he could stay in power and the company couldn’t be sold off in a divorce settlement and split up. When they don’t get a divorce and JR doesn’t sell to Westar, Jeremy Wendell decides to destroy JR. The thing about JR is that he always gets himself into deep shit and then finds a way to squirm out of trouble and put a positive spin on it.

Time to order autograph tickets. Until next time…






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