Hulk Hogan wants to be my friend…WTF???

Well today got off to a very funny start. Someone made a profile for Hulk Hogan on myspace and sent me a friend request. Why in the hell would someone bother doing that? That was a friend request that took two seconds for me to deny. Even if it were the real Hulk Hogan that would be a request that I would deny. Unbelievable.

I went grocery shopping yesterday because grandma still doesn’t have enough energy to do things like that by herself yet. She is finally over the coughing but she just hasn’t gotten her strength back yet. She had the cold or whatever it was for three weeks. Anyway, I was bent over hunting for the perfect package of hamburger when this woman said excuse me so she could grab a package. I stood up and said “sorry excuse me” and got out of her way. When she saw my face, she laughed at me. Yes, I am so hideous that now I get laughed at by women when they see me. She took the hamburger and ran off as fast as she could to get away. I didn’t get too upset though because I think that I would run from me in horror too.

I don’t know what is on the docket for tonight. They have karoake at the VFW but my little cousin is coming down to stay with my Aunt Faye. If he doesn’t have plans to go stay at his friends house, my Aunt Faye won’t be going to the VFW tonight. I won’t be going to a bar by myself that is for sure. I guess I will just have to wait and see.

I haven’t made plans yet for tomorrow either but I might swing by the building in Midlo early to say a quick hello to Ian and see Axl and then head off to wherever. I might not take the chance though depending on how many cars are there at that point. I have no desire of ruining my week by running into someone that I have no desire to ever see again in my entire life.

I guess that is all I have for now. I just needed to say something about getting a friend request from “Hulk Hogan.” I guess next will come one from Jim Cornette or Vince McMahon. Good grief.

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