A not so boring Friday after all

The day started off on a good note. I was watching my season 3 of Dallas and I finally got to the part where the buildup is about to begin. JR had everything the family owned including Southfork Ranch mortgaged to the banks for a loan to buy oil leases in Southeast Asia. The banks tried to foreclose on the loan and the wells came in just in the nick of time. The following episodes will be JR systematically destroying everyone that tried to bring him down…the bankers, the other oil men that didn’t go in on the Southeast Asia deal with him, Cliff Barnes everyone. I know what I’m doing all day tomorrow!!!!

I went to lunch with Chris. We discussed some upcoming autograph appearances by Cubs and such. There is a huge autograph show the weekend of the Candido Tag Tournament. I don’t think I’ll get anything although there will be about 7 or 8 Bears from this year’s team there.

I decided to go into the VFW and listen to some local singer with my Aunt Faye and her boyfriend. It turned into an interesting evening. They pointed out a lady that won’t go to the bathroom when she’s drunk. She just stays in her seat and pisses her pants. When she goes to leave at the end of the night, the front and back of her pants are always soaked and she has to walk home because she doesn’t have a car. Tonight it was cooooold and snowy. That will be a fun walk home.

I saw a girl that I went to school with. She was acting 10 kinds of crazy. I learned that she has been in and out of rehab for drugs and in all kinds of trouble with the law.

One old man was so drunk that he walked out of the bar all bent sideways like he was trying to make his body into an S shape.

The guy that was singing was pretty darn good though. All country and 60s music so it was a fun time to watch a bunch of idiots and listen to my kind of music.

My aunt couldn’t believe how no one came up to me at all to say anything in the 3 hours I was there. People kept coming up and talking to her and her boyfriend but not me. I told her that it was my magic touch. I have a “keep the hell away from me and don’t talk to me” vibe that surrounds me at all times. It generally works quite well.

I guess that about does it for now. Until next time…






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