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Jim Fannin will have to write:

I will not be tricked by the Trix Rabbit anymore


I only watched two episodes of Dallas today. I couldn’t bring myself to watch anymore than that. I was in on the couch enjoying the episodes when a scene came on between Digger Barnes and Miss Ellie. As I watched that scene, I came to the horrifying conclusion that I had more in common with Digger Barnes than any of the other characters on the show. I always knew that as much as I loved JR’s character that I couldn’t be that evil in real life. I always just pictured myself as being a lot like Bobby Ewing instead. Today I saw that the only thing separating me from Digger Barnes at this point is the drinking. I’m sure I will watch more tomorrow though because there isn’t anything else to do.

I started working on an outline for a movie idea that I had last night. I finished it up this afternoon. I sent it to Marc Fusion since he works with movie stuff all the time. I asked him to give some pointers on what needed to be worked with to make it better. We decided that we couldn’t make the lead character a heel because he wasn’t really evil and the fact that he was such a huge underdog, the people would like him too much and want to see him win in the end. I pictured it being a romance thriller but Fusion suggested a depressing drama would go better than turning the character 3/4 of the way through the story. The audience wouldn’t go for it. Actually, Fusion’s suggestion was make it into a novel because a movie wouldn’t do the story justice and with as much as he hates reading, he wanted to read more of the story. I can’t stand reading either. I don’t have the patience or concentration to read a novel. I always start putting pictures to the words that I am reading and trying to play it as a movie in my mind while I am reading and then my mind wanders. Therefore, I say to hell with reading…wait for it to be made into a movie and you get the story in two hours instead of days. I think a novel is out of the question unless I get a ghost writer or take four years to write it myself and then never read the damn thing once it was done and published.

I took a survey the other day and one of the questions was about things that annoy me. I gave my answers but since then, I have changed my mind. I have things that annoy me more. One is Nascar. I don’t get the fascination with watching cars drive in a circle. You can see that any time you go outside. What I really hate though is when all the country music stations decide to carry coverage of the race on the radio instead of playing music. Who the fuck needs to listen to a car race on the radio? “Yes ladies and gentlemen…the cars are still going in a circle. Dale Jr is in the lead and Gordon is in second. Yep…cars going in a circle…if you are in your car, look around you to try to picture what you are missing…still going in a circle…” FOR HOURS. If you want to cover the race, play 4 or 5 songs and then go to the track and have them give the Top 5 and reassure everyone that the cars are still going in a circle and then go back to MORE MUSIC.” I am now done with that rant which leads me into another one.

I am so glad that NBC is forking out millions of dollars to show the Winter Olympics on all their channels. I’ve waited with great anticipation to see croquet played on skis between people from Croatia and Iran. The only thing that might bring greater joy is seeing Spain play China at a riveting game of checkers on ice. The only selling point for these half assed non sports being on television is patriotism. I don’t give a shit how good the US is at playing tiddlywinks against Poland in the snow. So NBC is unwatchable for the next several weeks and in turn that makes ESPN unwatchable while they decide to cover the worthless ass shit. I hate the summer olympics just as much. Wake me when its over and unless Al Qaeda has bombed everyone and brought a merciful end to the GAMES, yes OLYMPIC GAMES because they sure as hell aren’t sports, don’t bother telling me anything about what I missed.

I think that about does it for tonight. Until next time remember to vote that no talent I’ll just stand here in one place and let my professional dancer do everything while I soak in the praise hack George Hamilton off of Dancing With The Stars.






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