Fannin vs. The World – The Ultimate Grudge Match

I got home this evening from Louisville and found a great topic on a myspace bulletin. Why not turn it into a full blown update. The topic, “Why I am single.” Here is the answer as I typed it up over at myspace.

“I am a fat, ugly and old beyond my years loser. The only time I am around women, there are 20-30 guys around who are better looking and in much better shape and have far better ways of impressing the ladies and thus I go unnoticed and unwanted. It doesn’t help that I am a perfectionist and want the best and thus always go for those who are out of my league.” I was successful once but not successful enough to make it last forever.

Of course, the above answer only scratches the surface and serves as a base answer for that particular question. There is a much bigger picture that gives the full answer. The picture – The Grudge Match between The World and myself that has been ongoing since I was three years old.

The war is over now and I lost. I lost huge. I have a writeup that I decided to cut from this update giving some minor details of the war. Feel free to comment and leave an email address and if I decide that you have clearance to read the confidential material, I can email it to you.

I don’t feel well after writing up about me being a loser and a failure so I am off to bed.

Until next time…






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