Long ass day

I woke up at 4 am this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Grandma has been sick since Sunday and I haven’t been feeling great myself. I decided that today was going to be “Watch Dallas” day. I took in 9 episodes.

It has been awhile since I have sat and watched Dallas. I forgot how they had a fake Gary Ewing at first and a fake Jenna Wade. I hate the fake Gary. He was absolutely horrible. It is a good thing for Knots Landing that they went with Ted Shackelford or else that show never would have made it. I was alright with Morgan Fairchild playing Jenna. It would be a tossup between her or Priscilla Presley playing the role. It was weird though because I watched a couple of episodes of Friends and it was the episode from the night before Monica and Chandler’s wedding so Morgan Fairchild was on there as Chandler’s mom. Then I put on Dallas and she was fake Jenna Wade. My favorite part from the 9 episodes comes from the pilot when JR tried to offer Pam money to leave Bobby and go away. Jock said “you did what??? You jackass…it is time that you learn the art of subtlety…the lack of it turns competitors into enemies and enemies into fanatics.” I, like JR, have no subtlety. It is funny though because in the episode with Morgan Fairchild as Jenna, Miss Ellie tells Jock that he has to learn how to use subtlety.

The last two days I have cashed in $1100 in change. I was running low in my checking account and decided that I didn’t want to have that much money sitting around in the house.

I have had to do the grocery shopping and take care of my own meals the last few days. My grandma absolutely hates sitting in her chair and me having to wait on her. It is quite a change of pace. Hell I even did the dishes today.

I just got done watching The Shield. Damn I wish that show was 2 hours long because I jumped out of my chair screaming at the television when it went off tonight. They needed to have a few more mintues. The previews for next week has me hooked because I want to see who they are shooting at that makes all the IAD agents that are spying on them jump out of their skin.

Well I have to get up early again in the morning to take out the trash and take my grandma to the hospital for her monthly blood work.

Hopefully I actually sleep through the night instead of suffering from the damn nightmares that have bothered me since Sunday.






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