Survey says

Joey Eastman wanted it and he shall receive it:

>Three Names I Go By
1. Jim
2. Jimmy Jamm
3. J.J.

Three Parts Of My Heritage
1. Irish
2. German
3. Native American – I think Cherokee or something like that

Three Things That Scare Me
1. Snakes
2. Needles
3. Failure & Rejection

Three of my everyday essentials
1. Cheeseburgers with ketchup only
2. television
3. internet

Three things I am wearing right now
1. Bull Pain Kicks Ass tshirt
2. gray pajama pants
3. underwear

Three favorite bands/singers/composers (no particular order)
1. Kenny Chesney
2. Tim Mcgraw
3. Toby Keith

Three things I want in a relationship (Love being a given)
1. One to exist
2. honesty
3. did I mention that I would just require it to be existant

Two truths and a lie
1. I like wrestling
2. I like The Shield
3. I like Cheeseburgers with ketchup only

Three physical things about women that appeal to me
1. eyes
2. lips
3. breasts

Three of my favorite hobbies
1. eating
2. sleeping
3. watching TV…The Shield, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond I can watch everyday

Three things I really want to do right now
1. be asleep
2. be eating a cheeseburger
3. be asleep and not having nightmares

Three places I want to go on vacation
1. Dallas
2. Florida
3. Italy or Hawaii

Three things I want to do before I die
1. I have accomplished everything that I’m going to
2. Why waste time wishing for things that will never happen?
3. Revenge

Three ways I am stereotypically a guy
1. The last time I peed I had a penis
2. I am a couch potato
3. I like ESPN

Three people I would like to see take this quiz
1. Does
2. it
3. matter?
Now for one stolen from Ray:

1) Where did you graduate from and what year?
Morris Community High School Class of 1994/University of Kentucky Class of 1999

2) Did you have school pride?
I sure as hell did at MCHS and still do.

3) Was your prom a night to remember?
I didn’t go to the dance. I went to the Promfest at the high school after the dance was over and got annoyed by a mime and won a shitty ass Robin Williams movie and refused to claim it and just left. I guess you can say it was a night to remember since I still have such fond memories of it.

4) Do you own all 4 Yearbooks?
My dad made me get them Soph, Junior and Senior year…they haven’t been signed by anybody nor have they been looked at since I got them. I didn’t get one freshman year nor did I show up to have the picture taken for that yearbook.

5) What was the worst trouble you ever got into?
I got detention for two days when a “friend” of mine put super glue on the locker of a retarded kid that bothered us everyday. He said that I did it and I dropped his name 2 seconds into the conversation with the VP and he said that it was the quickest he ever saw someone drop a dime on someone…I’m proud of that record.

6)What kind of people did you hang out with?
I had two friends and I hung out with them.

7) What was your number 1 choice of College in HS?
University of Kentucky. It was all I applied for against the advice of my guidance counselor who felt that I should apply to about 10 places so I could have choices…I don’t like choices. I know what I want and fuck the rest.

8) What radio station did you jam out to in highschool?
I think I usually listened to the oldies station at that point. I hadn’t really gotten into country music yet.

9) Were you involved in any organizations or clubs?
4 years on football team (I was All State Left Out), 2 years wrestling, 1 year on speech team (2 firsts, 2 seconds, 2 thirds), National Honor Society

10) What were your favorite classes in High School?
History classes…I loved PE freshman and senior years with Mr. Farber as the teacher. All we did was compete against each other and cheat like hell to win. It was a great time.

11) Who was your big crush in High School?
Holly Mikulecky for first two years until she rejected me the day leading into Christmas break Sophomore year. There were witnesses to my crash and burn and I didn’t live that down until after football season senior year when I went out for speech team instead of wrestling. Then it was Kathleen Herrera and I was rejected there too.

12) Would you say you’ve changed a lot since high school?
I’m bigger by 100 pounds but other than that, I still get rejected and I still hate pretty much everyone and don’t socialize outside of my inner circle. So other than having a lot more weight to throw around, I am the same person.

13) What do you miss the most about it?
That I still had some optimism that things would eventually go my way

14) Your worst memory of HS?
Since the rejection by Kathleen officially came after graduation and the rejection by Stacy was a building block for the rejection by Kathleen, I would have to say that my worst memory is the rejection by Holly. I have told Joe Joe this story and it doesn’t need to be gotten into right now since it involves my mom and her wishes for me but it beats out getting beat by Marian Catholic in the playoffs both years.

15) Did you have a car?
Yep…1981 blue Oldsmobile Cutlass Supreme my junior year and then after my mom died, I used some of the inheritance money to get a 1989 Pontiac Grand Am to have a more reliable car for senior year/college.

16) What were your school colors?
Maroon, Gold and White

17) Who were your fav. teachers?
Mr. Roe…US History and homeroom. He retired after my junior year. Mr. Farber for PE…always a great time.

18) Did you own a cell phone in highschool?
No…who the hell was going to call me?

19) Did you leave campus for lunch?
Junior and senior years I did.

20) If so, where was your fav. place to go eat?
We would go to Wendy’s almost everyday.

21) Were you always late to class?
I was early. Very early.

22) Did you ever have to stay for Saturday School?
No. I never heard of anyone having to do that at MCHS

23) Did you ever ditch?

24) When it comes time for the reunion will you be there?
If hell freezes over and pigs fly, I might show up…it would be the equivalent of me having dinner with the members of the shit list since most people I went to school with are on there somewhere

25) Do you wish you were still in high school?
Never. I hated it the first time around so why redo it?






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