Joe vs. Necro 2 is in the books…edited with extra information

I enjoyed the show tonight. It had its drawbacks. Namely someone that wasn’t supposed to be on the show showed up anyway. Sometimes I just have to shake my head at my luck. Just when I think I am going to be able to fully enjoy a wrestling show that I was looking forward to and it gets ruined. Trik vs. Hero, Ian vs. Claudio, Tyler vs. Josh and Joe vs. Necro more than made up for that one huge negative so I will continue to focus on the good things and not get too worked up over it. January 21st show in Midlo is shaping up to be another awesome event so I will look forward to that but no matter what the lineup reads I’ll know to expect unwanted guests.

I am looking forward to going to sleep and getting some much needed rest. I had a cold all week and was coughing and blowing my nose like crazy but I think I am just about over it. I’m still a little stuffy but it isn’t bothering me anywhere near as badly.

I shall call it a night. Buy the DVD and enjoy some great hard hitting wrestling action.
I had mentioned yesterday that I had put the wheels in motion to change my luck on my social life. The wheels went into motion and drove right down the same street that I am oh so familiar with by now. I guess the saying about those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it is true. It was a situation almost identical to my senior year of high school. I won’t go into full details because it isn’t important. I debated it for a few days and decided to play it the same exact way that I did back then (which resulted in rejections from both so I guess I’m just a glutton for punishment) and it worked out the same way. I will save myself from the second rejection since I can definitely see the writing on the wall even with my blind and useless left eye.

I plan on going to Louisville on Thursday so I can ride to Indianapolis with Bull Pain. 2 hours to plan the beginning phases of Operation Destroy the Shit List. Cut off the head of the snake (#4) and hopefully the other (#1) dies with it and honorable mention can either stay or leave with them. I may have no talent when it comes to social life but by God I can formulate good war plans and amass a damn fine army of soldiers. Cannon may just get handed the belt on the 21st by forfeit.






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