New Year’s Thoughts

While I was in Louisville, I see that the last update got some commentary. I won’t do much to respond to it other than to say that it gave me a good laugh and it gave Ian, Patti and Mickie some good laughs as well. I can see from Brent Blades response that he too got a good chuckle. Mr. Anonymous Jeff or whatever your name is…don’t think for a second that I am incapable of throwing down and holding my own. If you think that I don’t know how to use my 100 pound weight advantage on Jimmy Jacobs in a FIGHT then you are a fucking moron and need to stop watching PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING so much. I didn’t have my eyes closed the 200 training classes of Ian’s I’ve been at so I do know a thing or two that I’ve picked up over the last 8 years. Ask around to those that have been around for quite some time and know me and learn some facts about me before making stupid ass comments on my live journal. Perhaps Chris Hero and Corporal Robinson can tell you how scared of Jimmy Jacobs I am after they tell you about having to tackle me and pull me away from New Jack in the locker room in Highland or the other 20 guys standing there with their mouths open watching it unfold could tell you about how quickly I back down from a fight. Mostly I just want you to know that you can say whatever you want about me. I don’t give a shit. I don’t care if you don’t like me. I don’t like people and therefore I don’t give a shit what they think about me. I would highly suggest though that you keep your mouth shut about my friends though.

Now on to the real update. James Christopher is doing great. He has put back on the weight he lost while in the hospital and he has grown an inch and a half. I couldn’t get enough of holding him and feeding him the week I was down in Louisville. He makes the cutest faces while sleeping and is just spoiled to the core already. He fusses when he isn’t being held and I was always more than ready to hold him. You wouldn’t know that most people call me the angriest man in the world when I am holding little J.J.

I just got back in Morris about an hour ago. We watched American Pie Band Camp and Wedding Crashers on the way up here on the portable DVD player. Both were good. I liked Wedding Crashers better but I could watch both again.

I picked up The Shield seasons 3 and 4 while I was down in Louisville but I don’t think there is any way that I can get both seasons watched by Tuesday when Season 5 premieres. Oh well.

Texas vs. USC was an awesome football game the other night. Vince Young put on a helluva performance. I don’t know how he’ll do in the pros but he was fun to watch in college. If he had the right offensive coordinator, I think he could be better than Michael Vick because he seems to be a much more accurate passer so far.

Well I’m exhausted and I’m sure that I will have plenty of time to give other updates on here.

Till next time…






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