Pics of James Christopher

I finally got my pictures back with the CD from Wal-Mart that I took
while in Kentucky after James Christopher was born.  I will now
post them in the journal for everyone to see.

Here is James Christopher by himself a few days after birth.



Next is the picture of Ian and me with the baby minutes after he was
born.  I love this picture as Ian and I are twins and behold
ladies and gentlemen…I am smiling!!!!



The final photo that I am putting up is the proud Godparents.
Here is Mickie and me with James Christopher just minutes after he was
born.  Mickie hasn’t even had time to be disgusted that we are
Godparents together!!!



That is enough photos for now.  I’m sure that I will have more
pictures with James Christopher later.  Perhaps in a few weeks. If you aren’t on my shit list and are reading this:  Merry Christmas!!!






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