What a week

I thought I would take the time to get in here and do a real update to talk about the events of the past week. It has truly been a roller coaster ride and a half.

Let’s start with last Saturday night. I came down to Louisville to stay with Patti while Ian and Mickie and Mitch went to wrestle in Alabama. When I get to Louisville, Patti starts kidding around with me and saying “you won’t freak out if I go into labor tonight will you?” I told her that I could make no promises but that I thought I could handle it. We watched the end of The Warriors which is one of the Sports Guy’s from ESPN favorite movies. I liked what I saw of it. I then watched 4 episodes of The Shield on FX that night. I had never watched that show before but I really liked it. I’m probably going to have to borrow some of the season series DVDs from Chris to get caught up on it.

Sunday was a really fun day. The Bears defeated the Packers in Chicago for the first time since Chris and I were still in high school. He has had season tickets for about 6 or 7 seasons now and Chris was jubilated to finally see the Packers get beat. Between Morris beating Joliet Catholic and winning state championship, White Sox winning World Series and Bears beating Green Bay, Chris has had an amazing last few months. It makes me wonder what is next.

Ian and myself went to Evansville to watch the Brad Paisley/Sara Evans/Sugarland concert on Sunday night. It was a couple hour drive to Evansville for the concert and I had a nice lenghty discussion with Ian about my possible return to managing and what I wanted to do. No decisions were made but it will be awfully difficult to pull off since Patti won’t be coming to the shows for awhile and I will be needed for tickets and gimmicks and whatnot. Anyway, we got great seats for the concert. We were in the eighth row right on the side of the stage. Our seats were right next to two cute girls…one of which was completely decked out in Brett Favre Packer clothing. I took off my jacket to reveal my Brian Urlacher Bears jersey. It was a really good concert until I walked into a vicious beatdown by Ian. During one of Sara Evans’ songs, they were showing pictures of her family and her as a child on the big screen. I told Ian that he was missing the pictures and the first picture that was on the screen when he looked was Sara Evans with her husband. He looked at me and said “that is like me asking you to look at the big screen while a picture of (name that is easy to figure out but I won’t mention) is on it. I didn’t look at the big screen the rest of the night. The only complaint that I have about the concert is that the people in front of us would not sit down. There was a great view without having to stand. I don’t stand at events unless it is the Morris Redskins or a Fannin approved asswhipping in the ring.

Monday rolled around and that is when Patti was supposed to be induced into labor and have the baby. In the car on the way to the hospital, Patti started having contractions. She didn’t want to tell me and possibly scare me so she just kept making some really good poker faces that I could see in the rear view mirror. They couldn’t do what they needed to do to induce the labor so when the contractions went away, Patti was sent home.

She had to go back in on Tuesday and she had the stuff done to check and make sure the baby’s lungs were fine. They were ready to induce the labor but there were no beds available so she got sent home again. Mickie and I went to Wal-Mart, Toys R Us and Once Upon a Child to get stuff for the baby. Mickie then told me that people have told her that I no longer want to be friends with her. I simply stated that it was a lie. Truth be told and I figured it was obvious to everyone, I still feel the same way about Mickie that I did 6 months ago, 9 months ago, 12 months ago. I just have come to terms with reality that I suck and will never ever be successful so I just suppress my feelings. Sometimes that leads to me not being very happy go lucky around her because I haven’t fully figured out how to suppress all my feelings yet. Sometimes it just is painful to be around her or Shaina and have to block out feelings, past and present, knowing that they are not returned. Anyway, to continue with the story…onto Wednesday.

We all go up to the hospital as they start the medicine on Patti to induce labor. I stayed in the room with everyone for quite awhile but I would get up and go stand behind the curtain whenever the doctors or nurses would come in to do things. There are some things about your best friend’s wife that should stay a mystery and unseen. I also don’t know how I would react to seeing some things but mainly I shouldn’t be seeing them to begin with. It finally came time for the baby to be born so I left the room and went into the waiting room. Mickie came out shortly thereafter to tell me that I had a beautiful Godson. I got to go back into the room and hold him. What a beautiful baby. I can’t remember the last time I was that happy. I don’t think I have ever been that happy. I have always wanted a son to carry on the Fannin name. This is as close as I’m going to get…a godson to carry on the James name.

Thursday was the downward plunge on the roller coaster. The doctors found a heart murmur in James Christopher. They then did more tests and found a narrowing of the artery leaving the heart causing not enough blood to flow through the body out of the heart. They had to put him on medicine to keep an extra artery open that normally closes up and dissolves after birth. They transfered him to Kosairs Children’s Hospital and Ian and myself went to see him. They told us that they would probably have to do heart surgery to repair the narrow artery.

Since Thursday, it has been back and forth on things. We are confident that whatever the doctors have to do, it will work. The two heart doctors are considered to be the best in the world. They get flown to places like China and such to do heart surgeries when the patients can’t be flown to Louisville. They call the procedure a minor repair that they have had to do thousands of times. They aren’t sure if they will actually have to do the surgery. They are going to see if the artery gets bigger over time as James Christopher grows. They are keeping him on the medicine and taking him off of it tomorrow to see how he reacts. They will discuss the option of doing the surgery tomorrow as well so we should know much more tomorrow after talking with the doctors.

Well that about sums up the past week of events. I had more to discuss about what I would do as a Godfather involving having people killed and such like in the movie but I won’t get into that now. Ian did a damn good job of knowing the 5 names on my list to get wacked. Mickie vowed to fight me and keep me from fulfilling my list although there were three names on the list that she wouldn’t protect.

I’ll update tomorrow if I can with more health updates.






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