Things are back to normal…edited

I think it is safe to say that the good vibes from the Morris victory over Joliet Catholic have subsided and things are back to normal in the land of Fannin. It was refreshing to have break though and be happy for a couple of days. But I foreshadowed the Morris victory a couple of weeks ago and placed it on the rankings list of what I would want in life. I’ll be on the phone A LOT Friday night checking with my grandma and with Chris to follow the score of Morris vs. Crystal Lake South. That could provide a few more days of happiness if all goes well. Combine that with the return of Maniwa and a good long Maniwa/Fannin conversation and some chicanery and it could be a good weekend all around. Here’s to hoping that I pull a double shot on the day of the Midlo show of Morris in Champaign for state title and then the show that night.

I couldn’t sleep at all last night so I ended up sleeping all day today. That means that there won’t be much sleep in the forecast for tonight either unless I take some tylenol pm. I haven’t decided on that yet.

I went out to Wal-Mart to try and get the Bret Hart DVD but the guy hadn’t seen it and there were 40 boxes of stuff for him to put out on the shelves. I decided against waiting it out and I guess I might go check tomorrow and try to find it. The guy was driving me crazy by telling me everything he knew about wrestling courtesy of his friend that follows the news on the internet. Everything he was telling me was wrong but who I am to rain on someone’s parade. I’m Jim Fannin, asshole, that’s who. So I of course let him know that his friend was a retard and didn’t know what he was talking about.

I watched RAW tonight and was very moved by the video tribute to Eddie and the vignettes with Benoit and Chavo. I didn’t watch the entire show but I did watch Flair vs. Regal and HBK vs. Misterio.

That was a very surprising comeback by the Cowboys tonight. I think I heard Ian cheering and yelling all the way up here in Morris. I can’t talk though because I’m sure people heard me doing the same Friday night.

Well I’m done with this update. I’m sure I’ll have plenty more this week before KOTDM.
I stayed up and watched Friday Night Lights. I’ve had that DVD for quite some time now and finally got around to watching it. Great movie. I loved the special feature documentary on it also about the real life players and thought it was nice that they put them into the movie in cameos.

The Joliet newspaper just updated for today’s paper and it had this tidbit about the stats for John Dergo on the season after the Joliet Catholic game.

“I took a look at our updated area statistics, and I want you to absorb some of these numbers.

Dergo has rushed for 2,637 yards in 230 carries. That’s 11.5 per carry and 219.8 per game. My goodness.

In addition, he has rushed for 43 touchdowns and scored 49 in all. He has kicked 51 extra points and two field goals, so that’s a total of 351 points, or 29.3 per game. Most teams don’t average that.”

The 2,637 yards so far this season put him 9th on the all time list for most yards in a season. With the possibility of 2 more games to play, he should end up 2nd and if they are two huge games, 1st.

He is currently at 5,689 yards rushing in his career which would place him 4th all time. He needs to get to 6,200 to move any higher on the list.

He is currently tied for 3rd place for rushing TDs in a season with 43. The record is 45 so he can definitely set that record.

He already has the all time record for total TDs in a career and he is currently in 2nd place for TDs in a season. He has 49 and the record is 51. He should get that.

He already is the all time leading scorer for career and season.

He is second to Red Grange…Red Fucking Grange…for scoring average for a season. He is averaging 29.3…Red Grange averaged 31.9 in 1920.

He would make the list for most PATs made in a season right now and with possibly two more games, he could end up in the top 20 on that list as well.

He’ll also end up around the top 10 career total yards.






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