Just a short update

As I had mentioned, Marc Fusion came up for the Redskins game on Friday
and he came with birthday presents.  I have never before received
birthday or Christmas gifts from a fan so that definitely was a nice
thing to have happy.  Here is a picture of the stapler from Office
Space and the tshirt that Fusion had made for me.  I won’t put a
picture of the quote on the back of the shirt on here in respect to the
passing of Eddie Guerrero.

image gone 🙁
Since Morris won the game, I had to go to the NWA Midwest show last
night.  I can’t really comment on the show but I will say that it
was a decent size crowd and that they didn’t buy a lot of gimmicks.

I decided to go ahead and go eat after the show with Fusion, Alex and
Shotgun Yan.  We went to the IHOP that was recommended by Joey
Eastman.  I owe Eastman a punch to the nose over that.  It
was a fun experience trying to understand the black waiter that was on
his first table as a waiter.  He was harder to understand with his
accent than Yan.  It led to quite the debate on whether he thought
Fusion and Alex ordered “cheese sticks” (which they did) or if we
ordered 4 cheese steaks.  Shortly thereafter, 3 fire trucks show
up due to a gas leak in the kitchen.  There wasn’t anything else
around so we waited it out and eventually got to order food and
eat.  I won’t be going to that IHOP ever again.
Well I had to buy myself a new DVD player because I got tired of the
one in my bedroom deciding not to play DVDs anymore.  So I now
have one in the living room so when Ian and Mickie stay over (if they
ever do again…more on that next), we can watch movies without the
three of us trying to crowd together in my bedroom.

I have mentioned in a past update about how my grandma sees people
walking down the hallway of the house and then the spooky incidents at
the Wal-Mart.  Well they continued Friday night after the football
game.  Fusion, Alex, Mickie and Ian came back to the house after
we ate at Romine’s and they talked about horror movies and ghosts and
whether there are ghosts in my house.

Fusion and Alex left and Mickie and Ian and I were getting ready to go
to sleep but Ian and Mickie kept seeing shadows in the hallway and
weird things were going on so there wasn’t a lot of sleeping
happening.  They decided to stay in Chicago at the hotel after
Chuman’s show instead of coming back to Morris.
I’m really looking forward to We Are Family 2: Live Hard.  I can’t
wait to see Rollin, Mitch, Harry, Hy Zaya, Tarek and Cash.  I am
actually looking forward to managing Mitch and Cash on that show.
I can’t decide whether to be in my old Mean & Hard/Rollin gear
complete with the airbrushed tshirt and bandana or whether to go with
the proper managerial attire.  I’m leaning towards the bandana and
tshirt for the true old school flavor.

That’s all for now.






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