On my way to Louisville

Well I’m about to walk out the door to head down to Louisville. I will be watching the Mayor’s comedy performance tonight at 316 Ormsby in Louisville. Perhaps Brent Blades and BFE will show up as well and it will be a fun night of catching up with old friends.

Hardcore Homecoming is this weekend. I have been notified of some bad news by Marc Fusion and I will deal with it accordingly if it is true. It will still be lots of fun just getting to hang out with Ian for a spell since we haven’t gotten that chance much here of late.

My grandma and I have been dealing with some ghosts or some such here the last couple of days. Halloween night when we went to Wal-Mart to get away from the trick or treaters, we had two weird events occur. My grandma almost got hit in the head by a loaf of bread that fell off the shelf as she walked past. Then when we went to get the milk, every single door (6) on the freezer set that holds milk opened at the same time with no one there as we were walking towards it. Then this morning, my television turned on by itself here in the bedroom while I was on the computer. Strange things are happening and I don’t like it one bit.

Well that about sums it up before I head out. Till next time…






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