When things go from bad to worse…

Those that have followed this live journal know that I’m about the angriest most depressed SOB walking the face of the earth. Events occured not too long ago that killed me inside and as I have mentioned, has left me joyless and hating life. Well tonight quite possibly put the finishing touches on me. The football team sold ZERO tickets for the Morris show tomorrow night. Yep…zero…nada…zip…zilch.

It is my fault for pushing so hard to have the show now. I wanted it during the season. The town would be hyped and still have the team on its brain and want to help support it and most importantly NO SNOW. I didn’t take into account the fact that last week was homecoming and just because I didn’t go when I was in school doesn’t mean that it isn’t important to those that can get dates. I didn’t take into account that this was the week of the biggest game of the year before the playoffs and for the conference championship and that the focus would be on making sure they win Friday night. I didn’t take into account that the new coaching staff has got to win every game and win convincingly to keep the town happy because of the large shoes they have to fill. In hindsight, I guess the second week of December could have been alright and not likely to have heavy snow. Last but not least and definitely most importantly: I didn’t take into account that everything I put my heart into ends in giant failure. Just like a foot of snow falling last time and everything else that always happens to me, I am cursed worse than the Cubs and yet knowing this, I still put myself into position for these giant letdowns and agonizing defeats.

On a brighter side of things, a big thank you goes out to Marc Fusion and his lovely girlfriend for all their help today with flyering. Fusion had a great time in Dwight, Mazon, Coal City and Morris going door to door and talking to everyone he saw on the streets about the show. I think that he could possibly be responsible for enough ticket sales now to get his dinner with Larry Sweeney and me. I’ll have to ask Sweeney when he gets to Morris if he will do it.

Until next time…the next time I suggest pushing someone in front of a moving bus, I should make sure that no one is behind me to shove me in front of the bus as well.






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