Dave Chappelle

Well Dave Chappelle was great last night. I’m pretty exhausted and couldn’t do a decent writeup on the show if I wanted. Nick Maniwa has got a writeup on his live journal if you want more details.

I woke up at 6 am and left for Louisville around 9:30 am. It was not a very good drive at all as the usual stuff bothered me for the entire drive. I was glad to get to Maniwa’s house when I did so I could have some company for awhile. Adrianne, Maniwa and I went to pick up Shaina and the trip began.

We drove from Louisville to Frankfort looking for a Wendy’s on I-64 after we left Louisville and didn’t find a single one advertised on the road signs. We ended up going to a KFC in Frankfort and they didn’t have half the food listed on the menu. It was a buffet and I wasn’t going to pay the price to just eat mashed potatoes. After going and sitting at the table, I saw the sign for the $1 KFC snacker sandwich hanging on some display about 15 feet from the menu behind the counter. Would have been nice to have it on the actual fricking menu. I didn’t eat and just sat around while the others ate and goofed around. I got McDonald’s as soon as we got into Lexington. It was quite a culture shock because on the same street in one of the other arenas, the musical Chicago was going on at the same time as Chappelle. There were hundreds of old white people walking around to go to the play and then the Chappelle crowd all in the same area. We had fun picking on the differences.

The show itself was awesome. The drive back to Louisville wasn’t. Shaina fell asleep. Maniwa and Adrianne weren’t making much noise in the back seat so it was basically just like the drive down. I dropped off Maniwa and Adrianne and then took Shaina home. I decided to drive back to Morris since it was only midnight. I don’t remember much about the drive other than the fact that it was just like the drive down…blah.

I’ve slept for a few hours but the phone rang and woke me up so I figured I would go ahead and put my Chappelle update on here.






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