survey stolen from Jennessa…edited several days later

Ten years ago I was
– a sophomore at University of Kentucky
– the junior executive director of the College Republicans
– staying in my dorm room and watching CMT all hours of the day
– not going to my classes

Five years ago I was
– planning the beginning of the Super Heroes
– ring announcing on shows in Charlestown and getting beat up by Corporal
– working at UPS
– suffering through Morris’ first losing football season in 25 years

Three years ago I was
– formulating my plans on putting together Super Mean
– dating Shaina
– working at Home Depot

One year ago I was
– moving back to Morris after breaking up with Shaina
– I had just brought in Chris Candido to join the Fannin Family
– developing a major crush for Mickie
– more miserable than ever

Yesterday I
– went to lunch with my grandma and my Aunt Faye
– handed out flyers at the football game
– watched some of the Morris Redskins 42-7 victory over arch rival Minooka
– went out to eat with Chris after the game at Romines

Today I (will)
– drive to Louisville to pick up Shaina, Maniwa and Adrianne
– go out to eat with the before mentioned folks
– drive to Lexington to watch Dave Chappelle peform his comedy routine
– drive back to Louisville to take everyone home
– play with Cicero

Five Snacks I enjoy:
– ice cream
– milk and cookies
– tasty kakes
– Pringles
– Chex Mix with peanuts and peanut M&Ms added to it

SIX Things I Would Do With $100,000,000
– Call my Prudential financial advisor
– Call my Met Life financial advisor
– buy the house of my dreams
– Go to a strip club
– Everyone on my shit list would mysteriously have accidents
– Fuck up Vince McMahon’s world

Five Places I Would Run Away To
– Florida
– Southfork Ranch in Dallas
– Hawaii
– Italy
– Playboy Mansion

Five Things I Will Never Wear
– anything that says Joliet Catholic unless it also has the word “sucks”
– anything that says New York Yankees unless it also has the word “sucks”
– anything that says Green Bay Packers unless it also has the word “sucks”
– anything that says Duke or Notre Dame unless it also has the word “sucks”
– anything that says ICP unless it also has the word “sucks”

-Five Favorite TV Shows
– Dallas
– Entourage
– Boy Meets World
– Friends
– Seinfeld

Five Bad Habits
– eat too much
– anti-social
– Biting my nails
– I always pick those out of my league to get a crush on
– stubborn and hard headed

Five Biggest Joys
– a good cheeseburger
– spending time with my friends away from wrestling
– watching a great episode of Entourage
– going to Comedy Caravan and watching the Mayor perform
– memories of when I was happy in life

Remember that I don’t have any real joy in my life anymore but these are the things that make me forget the anger and despair for a short amount of time.

Five Favorite Toys
– computer
– bowling ball (ah for the days of the bowling ball mafia)

Five Fictional Characters I Would Date
I can’t find one real person that I would want to date that would date me. So why not come up with 5 fictional ones that I wouldn’t stand a chance with either?

1. Rain (…not that I have a chance but this is my list)

2. Trish Stratus (see above)

3. Rachel from Friends

4. Rachel from Boy Meets World

5. I’m running into problems coming up with a 5th that would be worth being rejected by

Five People I Think Should Do This
– Maniwa…do I even have five people that I normally converse with on this thing?






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