One more meeting to go

Well I went to the QB Club meeting tonight at the high school and got some good results. They were a little iffy on doing a show so soon but I talked them into it and now I just have to go tomorrow and let the superintendent of the grade schools know that everything is a go.

Brent Blades will be happy to hear that Morris’ big offensive lineman that is all-state and looks like a brick wall was sporting an Indiana University hat as he accepted his player of the week plaque. The coach then told the crowd to “take a good look at what a Big 10 player looks like because Alex Perry is going to Indiana University.”

Nice to see things going in the seemingly right direction on the professional level. Now if that could only be the case in other areas of life.

Hopefully “anonymous” will have four or five applications at TPI for me to browse during the shows when I’m not checking on scores.

Cya at TPI.






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