Things are back to normal

Well ladies and gentlemen,

As I stated in the first update since returning from ECW reunion weekend, I knew I was being a baby and overreacting. After a few emails back and forth, the worst is over now and things can go back to as normal as they can be.

I wasn’t at the show on Friday for IWA so I don’t really know anything about what occured.

I’m looking forward to TPI and hopefully I can have a good announcement in the next few days about an upcoming IWA show.

I guess if you are still reading “anonymous” that you can go ahead and continue in your quest. If you find any candidates, 1 8 X 10 headshot, 1 8 X 10 full body pose, an essay detailing their qualifications and why they would be interested in dating me are the requirements. The Top 5 list has been blown up and we can start from scratch and Mickie isn’t eligible to be on the new list. Therefore, no one would have to be a replacement…they would make number 1 on their own merit. I expect to have at least one applicant in lets say the next 10 years. I’ve only got 20 more years to live according to so we need to get something going within the next decade.

See everyone at the TPI.






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