Thoughts about the overall weekend

As I mentioned, I loved the Midlo show. I will have to admit that getting back into the ring got the adrenaline flowing and felt good. It has been two months now since I quit managing and I have to admit that I spent some time that night instead of sleeping…I was thinking about what I could do if I came back. However, that mood has left me as quickly as it entered. I can stay at the gimmick table and just keep an eye on things and get involved here or there where needed.

I discovered that I’m not young enough to deal with heat, physical activity and a long day going on just one hour of sleep. I can’t really comment on the Plymouth show at all. The crowd was low and not very crazy. I was videotaping so I watched the entire show on a three inch screen the entire night. At times I was shaky and a couple of times I have shots of the ground when the battery that was plugged in would fall off the tote and cause my arm to pull down.

I hope that Mickie gets to feeling better as she was not feeling well all day yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to really be around her at all since she was with another person the entire time we were waiting around to get into the building. I’m sure she’ll feel better by next Friday though.

I can’t believe my update a couple of updates ago has broken the record for comments on one of my updates as it is currently at 11. It is a lot to sort through. Of course, over half the comments are from me but still. I can’t believe it has gotten any comments at all. Which leads me to this: if you are reading this “anonymous”, you can call off your search before you get too far into it because it would be a waste of your time. If I were meant to be in a relationship, then it would have worked out with Shaina because I was pretty damn happy then. Or I would have been successful over the course of almost a year of trying everything I knew to win over Mickie and then trying it again…and again…and again. Or I would have had an ounce of success the several times before the age of 25 that I attempted to win people over. My role in life is to be opinionated, sometimes entertaining with my sarcasm and hatred for almost all things, a great friend to the very small amount of people I open up to, the party pooper and to be very opinionated some more.

Besides, it would be me settling for something and that is not me. I do not settle for anything short of exactly what I want. Take managing for instance. I set out to be the best manager going. While a few thought I was, most thought I wasn’t and some thought I wasn’t any good at all. I no longer manage because I refuse to settle for mediocrity or being an also ran when that is not what I wanted. The whole premise of this thing was to find a REPLACEMENT for Mickie so she would have to stop getting angry at me. No one would be a replacement because that would be me settling for something less than what I want.

Good Day.






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