Survey stolen from Maniwa off of Myspace

Mickie saw me working on this survey and wanted it brought over here to livejournal since she can’t get signed up for Myspace. It keeps saying email address is already in use but then can’t find the user info when we ask for the password to log in. I don’t expect too many people to fill this out on me but if you do, please don’t answer Mickie Knuckles for the question of “If you could, who would you fix me up with” because that isn’t happening people and it will only get me heat. Leave that question blank because no one deserves that fate unless they are on their way to hell and need a trial run here on earth.

Here we go:

Here is a survey thing, someone do it. Shane Storm’s dad says not replying is for pussies

So do this. be honest. if you don’t want to answer them all or don’t know some, then don’t answer.
But be honest. I can take it.

Fill this out about me!!! **BUT FIRST** REPOST a blank copy to all of your friends (including me) so they can fill it out about you! Got it? BE HONEST! **YES or NO**

Ugly? :
Kind? :
Loud? :
Shy? :
Weird? :
Selfish? :
Ghetto? :
Nice? :
Immature? :
Cool? :
Stupid? :
Caring? :
Mature? :
A friend? :
More than a friend? :
Talkative? :
Boring? :
Hott :
Creative? :
Smart? :
A flirt? :
A psycho? :
Athletic? :
Confusing? :
Sweet? :
Annoying? :
Funny? :
Hyper? :
Laid back? :
Perfect? :

*~*~*~*IF YOU COULD*~*~*~*
Give me a new name, what would it be ?:
Hook me up with someone, who would it be ?:
Do one thing with me, it would be ?:
Drop me one piece of advice, it would be ?:

*~*~*~*WOULD YOU *~*~*~* >>>>>>
Kiss me ?:
Ever go out with me ?:
If you already have, would you do it again ?:
Marry me if you could ?:
Ever talk bad about me if we were to break up ?:

What is my phone number?:
Which song reminds you of me?:
When is my birthday?:
Who is/are my best friend/s?:
Where did we meet?:
Have you ever had a dream about me?:
If you could change one thing about me what would it be?:
What do you love about me?:
Describe me in 3-5 words…:






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