Picture update on car crash and concert and survey stolen from Nick

Well if you can remember a week ago, you will remember that a blown out tire from a semi truck went through my windshield last week on the way down to Louisville.   Here is the end result of the meeting with the tire.

X( – picture gone


Yes we drove 60 miles the rest of the way to Rotten’s with the windshield like that.  I was in the front seat holding a shirt up against it to keep glass from flying in on us.  If you look closely, you will see that the side mirror is gone.  Here is a pic of Mickie and Joey holding the broken mirror after the state police retrieved it for us.

x( – picture gone


Now for the picture from the meet and greet with Miranda Lambert.  If you aren’t country fans, you probably don’t know who she is.  After seeing this picture, you probably won’t forget anytime soon.


x(  – picture gone

You really need to watch one of her music videos on CMT to get the full effect of her looks.  Since I’m in that photo, the real estate value is lowered in the picture.  You’ll be happy to know that she’s just like all the other women in the world though…she didn’t give me a second look.

Here is a survey stolen from Maniwa. It shows what states I have been to.

x( – picture gone

That does it for this update.  I’ll have another one in the morning.

Good Day.






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