I am really getting tired of fuckheads on the internet running their mouths and then saying “just because I don’t do it doesn’t mean that I am not an expert on it” when called out on it. Yes everyone is entitled to an opinion. I have plenty of opinions on everything. I don’t beat them into the ground every week though. Voice your opinion and then shut your fucking mouth. It makes it to where I don’t even like going to the shows at all hardly anymore because the only people that show up want nothing more than to bitch about everything and think they know it all. Let them run their own fucking shows and prove it.

Now that that tirade has been taken care of, I will stand corrected. I do beat into the ground the opinion that I’m a loser with the ladies but for good reason. My record speaks for itself. I guess that will be the exception to the rule stated in the opening paragraph.

I was throwing out a lot of comedy gold earlier tonight but I won’t go into the whole story due to the fact that mostly it was a “had to be there” kind of thing. I made a joke that went over well and then followed with “since I have permission from my grandma, I’ll be here all week.” Joey, Patti and I had the tv on the Food Network and we were trying to guess what the food was that was on the screen. Joey threw out a couple of guesses and one of them was right. He was like “yeah, I nailed it” or something like that. I gave him shit since he had multiple guesses. I was like “I will ask Mickie out when she walks through the door and I bet you she says either yes or no.” I got another good laugh and threats from Joey. When Mickie walked in her answer was….NO. What a shock.

The new episode of Entourage tonight was awesome. The big movie star, Vince, helped his best friend out and set him up with a girl that he liked. I started yelling at Ian that he needed to do that with me…encourage Mickie. He said that he has several times and that Mickie just isn’t interested. Can’t blame a man for trying…or can you? If I can’t win over myself and I can’t win her over with help from Ian then I’m hopeless…but how is that any different than the usual???

There was a major accident on I-65 this afternoon on the way back from Hammond and low and behold it didn’t involve my car. We got through the area before it happened. The ring truck and the other car load got stuck in the traffic jam caused by the wreck however so it allowed us to make a couple of stops and goof around before getting back to Louisville. It is always good to follow a wrestling weekend with some fun. I did play a burnt cd of sad songs for Joey on the ride home so he could get a sense of the music selections for the Sgt. Fannin’s Lonely Hearts Club band. I think Axl, Joey and myself will now be ready for action upon Axl’s return.

Good Day.






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