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I got my windshield fixed on Friday morning. It cost about $100 less than what it cost when I got it fixed in Morris a couple of months ago. I have a couple of pics of the damage that I will post when I get home and can hook my camera up to the computer. It took about an hour to get fixed so I guess it wasn’t that bad all things considered.

The ride to the show in Rensselaer was alright. I had Maniwa, Joey and Axl with me for the ride. When Axl is awake, the car ride is usually filled with ridiculousness and fun.

On the ride to the hotel after the show, Axl, Joey and I debated whether we should form a group for ourselves and be like the Little Rascals and call it the He Man Woman Haters Club. Axl called dibs on being Spanky. Joey was Porky and I was Froggy. We enrolled Maniwa as Alfalfa and then kicked him out immediately since he has Darla (Adrianne.) I suggested that we not call it the He Man Woman Haters Club since we didn’t hate women…we just can’t keep them when we do win them over but mostly just get ignored by them. I suggested we steal the Beatles idea and form the Lonely Hearts Club band. Axl liked the idea and called it Sgt. Fannin’s Lonely Hearts Club band. Joey then started talking about wanting to join a band someday and we started calling him Yoko Ono for breaking us up before we even started. Axl and I decided to not sing David Allan Coe for a rehearsal but we did have a good talk about our failures and how much we hate being alone. I think the band can go places if we focus on it…we do a nice job of singing “You Don’t Even Call Me Darling” by David Allan Coe and we can karaoke the hell out of most sad country songs while doing the road trips.

Axl is a notorious snorer. We got two rooms and my room came down to Axl, Maniwa, Adrianne and me. Axl claimed one bed. I got the other and Nick and Adrianne took the floor. Joey came looking for the pillows for Ian and John Calvin and I woke up to answer the door. I don’t know what happened but he left and then Patti came down to the room and got the pillows. The main rule when sharing a room with Axl is to fall asleep first so the snoring is a non-factor. Axl wasn’t snoring when Patti came in to get the pillows. As soon as she left…he started. That’s why I’m here in the lobby giving an update.

So I guess this update is for the sole purpose of announcing to the world that Axl and Jim and if he wants Joey, have formed a band and may be coming to a town near you. If you love depressing songs about being alone and unloved…we are the band for you. If you print out this update, consider it a coupon for $5 off a concert ticket.

Good Day.






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