Blisters hurt

Well I am now officially injured. I formed a blister on the bottom of my foot the other day after walking around Great America and then flyering the next day. The blister ran the entire width of my foot. Today while mowing the lawn, I tore the blister. I’m such a wimp but walking is quite difficult. However, thanks to the lovely and caring Mickie Knuckles, I am back on my feet and ready for another go round tomorrow. She did some makeshift surgery on me to dispose of the torn skin and then she bandaged me up and got me on my way to recovery. If you knew how much she hated feet, you would realize what a nice thing it was that she did for me.

While mowing, my neighbors informed me that they are moving. That will make three houses of new neighbors shortly. I talked with my grandma about moving from this house and coming with me to Louisville since she complains that I’m not home enough. I don’t think she liked the idea. hehehehe.

Mickie and Joey are in the living room watching Mothman Prophecies right now. I’m not a fan of that movie. I tried watching it with Shaina back in the day and couldn’t get interested in it and it still holds true today. They watched They last night but I just slept through it. So I can’t give reviews on either movie.

They took Leave it to Beaver off TV Land at 8:30 PM so now my routine for Morris is completely shot. At least I had the Cub game tonight to view in its place.

That is about it for today.

Until next time…Good Day.






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