My thoughts on the managing survey and some movie reviews

Well I just got an overwhelming response of 4 about thoughts on my managing career so I’ll weigh in with my thoughts even though no one cares.

As for who I worked best with, I think it was hands down Danny Daniels. It was definitely the most successful run I had. 6 months straight as champ, TPI win and beating Hero in a loser leave IWA cage match. Nothing even came close to that run.

I also loved working with Mean Mitch Page as that was something we always talked about when we were first starting out in IWA. I enjoyed everyone I got to work with but Danny was definitely the height of my work.

As for the memories of what was the most fun…the stuff with Mickie was a blast. I loved the stuff with putting the bounty on Ian’s head and starting the war that led to War Games. The Super Heroes was a lot of fun as well.

I have bored everyone enough for now. I will be heading out to PA tomorrow for the Young Lions Cup. I will have an update soon that will be a baby Jim Fannin picture show thanks to the scanning abilities of Nick Maniwa.

Now on to some movie reviews.

Million Dollar Baby – perhaps the most depressing movie I’ve ever seen. Good but not anything I would ever want to watch again.

Hitch – great movie. Got lots of ideas for ways in which I could win over Mickie…if I had any talent. However, there isn’t enough pity, alcohol or drugs in the world to help me out in this department. But it is nice to have the knowledge of what would work if I were someone else.

Are We There Yet? – Funny but sappy. Worth watching.

I refused to watch Boogeyman. I’d rather remember Barry Watson as Matt Camden from 7th Heaven.

Everyone needs to watch Entourage on HBO. It is the greatest show on TV right now. “Let’s hug it out bitch” I wish I had discovered this show earlier because I so would have used that line repeatedly while dealing with Chandler. I can watch each episode an endless amount of times.

Speaking of Tv that everyone needs to watch…Hogan Knows Best is the second best show on TV. Watch it. It is worth it.

Good day.






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