A free Saturday and list of regrets

Well there is no show today so I took advantage of that and went to lunch with my friend Chris. We went to Chili’s here in Morris and I guess it is an alright place. He gave me the Aramis Rameriz autograph ball he got last night for me.

I am home for a day before heading out to Louisville and then going on a week long road trip. My grandma is ultra pissed right now so I am updating this while letting her cool down. If I am never heard from again, she killed me. Speaking of things that can be frustrating:

The show last night in Midlo was pretty good. I am enjoying being at the gimmick table and getting to watch the shows. Now I can see who belongs on the shows and who doesn’t. I won’t go into much detail on here about this because I have already angered someone severely that is close to me with my opinions on this and well we’ll just leave it at that. Since I have made this person angry at me, I have thought up of a list of other regrets that I have.

I regret that the one person sucks so bad that I had to speak out and cause someone I care about to be angry with me.

I regret the way that I treated my grandpa towards the end of his life. I couldn’t take seeing him blind, deaf and with alzheimers. I lost out on spending a lot of time with him the last few years of his life due to the fact that I wasn’t strong enough to deal with his illnesses.

I regret that I didn’t try harder while playing for the Morris Redskins. I just accepted the fact that I wouldn’t play very much and pretty much sat along for the ride and didn’t contribute very much to the team. I wish I could go back and fix that.

I regret that the first girl I ever asked out that I did so in front of witnesses. The fact that she laughed in my face and rejected me was used against me for the next two years at every opportunity and led to my next regret:

I regret that I didn’t flat out ask Kathleen Herrera to prom. She might have said no like just about everybody else in my life but I survived the rest of the rejections so I am sure I would have overcome that one. Since she would talk to me for half an hour before school everyday, she might have actually said yes.

I regret that I am so entrenched into my ways of life that I can’t change the flaws. In the immortal words of Popeye, “I y’am what I y’am” and at this stage of my life, the universe would go off course and be destroyed if I changed my stubborn ways.

I could list several regrets that led to the end of the relationship between Shaina and I but that would be a whole book unto itself.

That about does it for today.

Good Day.






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