War Games is history


x( – picture gone


Well as most of you reading this already know, I came up short at War Games and Team Fannin was defeated by Team Ian.  We gave it a helluva run and had the match won actually.  We had every member of Team Ian beat down and had 5 on 1 against Ian and his broken arm.  However, JC Bailey turned on me and caused us to lose.  It was my mistake for trusting that he would take the money and not care that he wouldn’t have a job after the match.  I was wrong.

Ian was kind enough and man enough to offer an olive branch for me and allowed me to stay with IWA.  I thought for sure that my IWA life was over as soon as the match ended.  I agreed to stay on and help on the business end of things mainly with the merchandise.  I am semi-retired from managing.  I don’t forsee a return to that part of the business because I’m been burnt out on managing for quite awhile now.  However, you can never say never so maybe one day a year from now or so, I might get the urge to return to ringside.

I suggest everyone gets the DVD of War Games.  The DVD should start with the limo ride around Valpo as I go over strategy and give a speech of thanks to all in the limo.  We then get to the building and beat the hell out of Brandon Thomaselli.  Jimmy hits him very hard with the belt to the face and even leaves a cut on Brandon’s head.  He got a concussion from the belt shot and couldn’t do the match.

I’ve got some pictures uploaded from the play we went to see last week.  It is taking about 25 minutes for one picture however.  Friends only update with the pictures since “Rachel” is in some of them.  Maybe sometime this week I’ll get it done.

See everybody in Muscatine and Hammond.

Good Day.






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