Pictures from Wicked and that day of events

Last week was War Games and it was a very busy week for all of us.  We did take a day of rest however in order to go see the play Wicked in Chicago at the Oriental Theater.  It was a fun time and the whole day was rather enjoyable.  We went to see the movie Land of the Dead.  Then we went horseback riding.  Nick and I didn’t last as long as the girls but they had fun and I guess that is what matters.   Here is a pic of the girls enjoying horseback riding.

x( – picture gone


We then had to scurry back to my house in order to get dressed for the play before the limo arrived.  Here are some photos taken from inside the limo:

x(  –  picture gone


Yes the true identity of “Rachel” is finally revealed to those of you on the friends list.  Of course it wasn’t a hard mystery to solve.

x( – picture gone


Yes the girls sat together for most of the ride to the play and back.  No Nick and I didn’t hold hands like the girls are doing in the pic.

x( – picture gone


Nick is definitely the pimp at the play as he gets Mickie and Adrianne to hang on him.  I wasn’t so lucky.

x( – picture gone


This is Mickie and me in my living room after returning from the play.  Now you guys get a glimpse of the inside of my house.

x( – picture gone


Nick and Adrianne after the play in my living room.


That concludes the first ever done by Jim Fannin photo update.

Good Day.






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