Thoughts from a man with a headache

Well I woke up tonight at 1:30 am with a splitting headache. I can’t remember the last time I had a headache that was so bad it woke me up. I took a couple of Tylenol and tried to go back to bed but it only got worse. Grrrrrr. I suppose I have way too much stuff on my mind this weekend and maybe that is the cause of the headache.

I just read results of the Chikara show for tonight and it appears that Mickie lost all three nights. She definitely would have won if I were managing her. I wish she would come to her senses and realize that I am the answer to all her problems both personally and professionally. I guess Ian Rotten has her brainwashed into thinking that I am this evil person who is up to no good. I read that Hero attacked her bad arm so perhaps she just needs to take some time off and clear her head and allow the arm to heal and then she could make the right decision.

I won’t be attending the Kentucky State Athletic Commission meeting in a few hours. It seems that I needed to have the paperwork in early instead of bringing it with me. I guess I was more focused on winning over Mickie than paying attention to business. That won’t be happening again any time soon. I’ll have to call the commission tomorrow and find out when the next meeting is and get this taken care of as soon as possible.

I will be going to the Cubs/Reds game on Tuesday night and watching Mark Prior pitch. The Cubs have won two games in a row and both were saved by LaTroy Hawkins (one of which was a 1 run game.) I think that might be one of the seven signs so I need to take in the games while the world is still intact. The Great American Ballpark is a damn good park and I like the Reds too since they were my papaw’s favorite team. I can remember my papaw telling me after the 1984 playoff collaspe against the Padres that the Cubs would do that to me my entire life. He persuaded me to become a Reds’ fan to spite my dad. My dad and I had a great relationship for the longest time where we couldn’t like the same team/wrestler except for the Bears. It let us have great mock arguments. I got to be a Reds fan for their World Series season but the way they treated Eric Davis after that Series when he broke every bone in his body to help them beat Oakland was crapola. It made it easy to switch back to where my heart had truly always been after my dad passed away and go back to rooting for the Cubbies.

The O’s swept the Yankees this weekend. I think I would cheer for Hell’s baseball team over the damn Yankees any day so it is always nice to see them get swept. Even when it is by a team that employs Sammy “who in the hell needs to be a team player” Sosa. I don’t care if the Cubs finish 40 games lower than they did last year, I’m so happy that they dumped Sosa. When you walk out on your team on the last day of the season, you don’t deserve to play for that team, especially when they pay you $18 million a year.

We got Valpo and Herrin coming up in a couple of weeks as my next wrestling events that I plan on attending. I’ll be doing some flyering in the Valpo area and have contacted the secretary of the Fannin Family and gotten her to agree to pass out some flyers as well as another IWA fan. It will make things easier for me.

Good Day.






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