Another weekend full of adventures

Well my wrestling weekend got off to a very early start on Friday morning when Chris Candido called my cell phone at 4 am. He was at the airport in Newark but they were telling him that his ticket wasn’t paid for so he was calling me to get it fixed. Unfortunately, this would not be the last time this weekend that things were paid for but yet we were told they weren’t. I talked with the lady at the airline and after going over everything again about how it was bought and paid for as I was standing in the parking lot of the building in Herrin, everything got straightened out. I went back to sleep for about 40 minutes before getting up and packing my bags and heading to Midway.

I picked up Candido and we had to head to O’Hare in order to pick up another wrestler that neither of us really knew. His flight was a co-flight shared by two airlines. Candido and I went to the terminal for the wrong part of the co-flight and couldn’t find him. We talked with people at the United ticket counter and they told us to head over to terminal two because that is where the flight came into. Around that time, our wrestler was sent to terminal one by people at terminal two because they figured we would be there due to the other part of the co-flight. We must have passed each other without knowing. Finally after 50 minutes of Keystone Kops, we found each other and were off to the hotel.

Don’t ever stay at Motel 6 in Hammond, IN. It is horrible. Everyday we were having problems with the housekeeping and front desk wanting to know when we were checking out. If the rooms are paid for until Sunday, we aren’t checking out at noon on Saturday. Dumb sons of bitches. I got Candido to his room and then went and crashed with Maniwa and company in their room until it was time to go to the airport again. Traffic was a bitch and it took 90 minutes to go 18 miles after dropping people off in Midlothian and heading back to get Candido. I got the show late but it was fun.

My grandma, Aunt Faye, Aunt Sharon, 2 cousins, Chris and a friend of my Aunt Faye’s all went to the Midlo show. My cousin tried shaking my hand but I told him I couldn’t be nice in front of the people so he shoved me and yelled “Fuck you man.” I laughed and walked away. Mickie hurt her arm so I thought I was on easy street for the Chandler match on Saturday night. Punk and Jacobs messed with my grandma during their match. I thought for sure I was going to be grounded. Todd Gerth came up to me after the show and introduced himself to me. It was an ackward moment meeting one of my biggest critics but hey at least he doesn’t hide behind a fake name on the computer. He was man enough to come up and introduce himself. Everyone is entitled to an opinion and that means he can hate me all he wants. But now I know what he looks like if I decide to send in the hitmen 😉

The Highland show was something else. That bastard Chandler McClure turned his back on me and let Mickie win. I had to wear a skirt the rest of the night. It was breezy in the Lincoln Center. Fans kept trying to lift my skirt while I was ringside. Hell Ryan Boz made me drop trou in the ring before putting on the skirt so everyone already saw what was under the skirt. Stupid people. I played “I want you to want me” for Mickie before the match but it was not meant to be. Flowers, candies, love songs. I don’t have anything else left to try. BJ and Eddie Kingston teamed for the first time and I liked what I saw. They could be an awesome tag team after War Games and leading up to it. I look forward to seeing them win the tag straps one day.

There isn’t much else left to really discuss. I slept most of the way to Louisville because I didn’t sleep after the Highland show. I made a couple of airport runs and slept on the drive while “Rachel” drove my car.

I’m back in Morris now for a couple of days before heading back to Louisville. I have a couple weekends off from wrestling so it will be lots of tv watching for me and not alot of updates.

Good Day.






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