When It Comes Crashing Down and It Hurts Inside

Well let’s see how I can sort of keep this in order and get everything out that needs to be said.

I arrive in Louisville on Friday evening and I’m 8-0 on the day in the tournament bracket. Shortly after arriving, “Rachel” tells me about being questioned by several people after I left the Muscatine show about whether or not there is something going on between us. The look on her face shows that she is appalled by the rumors and I really can’t blame her. I’m immediately put into a bad mood (not that it is a hard thing to do) and during her conversation with me, she pointed out something that I had never even thought about in all this time: politics also plays a role in this thing. I didn’t just have the fact that I’m as boring as watching paint dry in social situations, the fact that at best, I’m average in looks/appearance, and the fact that all I have to offer is loyalty and security but I have the fact that it would be a political no-no for her to even consider going out with me (how’s that for a run-on sentence). I really hate gossip whores and rumor mongers that have to go and start shit just to see how much drama they can create. I wasn’t ready to leave fantasy land just yet. More on this later in a friends only entry.

Getting back to the tournament, I go 13-3 on the second day…but two of the losses are Final Four teams: Kansas and Sryacuse. To finish this story, I lose Wake Forest as my third Final Four team and I lose just about every damn second round game. My bracket is screwed.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t include this little nugget of comedy gold. On the way to Highland, I had quite possibly the worst case of road rage I’ve ever had. To sum up, an already mad Jim paired with a fuckass giving me the finger and shouting at me makes Jim a very angry person. A guy was in the passing lane for 40 miles going between 60-80 MPH and constantly slowing down to cause everyone to slam on their brakes. It took me 40 miles to eventually work my way through the backed up traffic caused by this guy. I go to pass him in the right lane and the passenger gives me the finger for no reason other than passing them. I let it go and get in front of them. I look in the rear view mirror and the guy is giving me the Stone Cold I just did a Stunner double finger with arms pumping action. I lose it and the rage is on. I slam on my brakes and fly a salute out the window and get over and let the guy catch up. He shouts obscenities at me and gives me more finger. Eventually I get him to lower his window and I tell him to pull off at exit 95 and “I’ll fuck your shit up” but they don’t take the offer. Everyone in the car was disappointed because they were wanting to see a beating.

The show in Highland was fun. Ian and myself had an unspoken competition going on for who could cut more promos during the show…I lost. I read a letter from my grandma in order to get out of being in War Games. I tried to woo Mickie and got another slap and chocolate covered cherries slammed into my face. “oooh five second rule.” I introduced JC Bailey as the replacement for Team Fannin Family. BJ and Danny killed each other in the dog collar match and then I got killed by Danny. They had a fantastic match and even BJ got cheered afterwards. Tracy Smothers is the fucking greatest. He is a legend in the business but yet he takes the time to get to know you and is always the nicest guy in the world at the shows. He asked me how Shaina and I were doing. He didn’t remember her name but he remembered her. When I told him that we were no longer together, he tried to cheer me up and offer me advice and told me to get back together with her because she was a great girl. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that it will never happen. She’s moved on and so have I. Yan during the Tuesday night chat was giving me shit saying that I couldn’t like Mickie because I was married to Shaina. I had to explain to him and everyone else in the chat. Not a good week for me and memory lane I tell ya. I guess that is why I was so mean to Tracy during the match.

Well I’m home and getting ready for the family to invade the homestead for Easter. Lots of cleaning for me and my grandma to do.

Good Day.






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