When It Comes Crashing Down and It Hurts Inside; Friends edition

I guess I’ll just leave this as a followup to the general update I made.

After some discussions with “Rachel” this weekend over different things, I have made a decision. I’m giving up on the Boy Meets World crush. I kept thinking that I could eventually overcome the usual obstacles to me and happiness. Hell it did happen once with Shaina. However, I have stronger forces working against me and I don’t have the time or the energy to fight anymore for a lost cause. I was about the 35th person to put his name on the “Rachel” crush bandwagon. I know I didn’t rank last on that list but I definitely wasn’t first either. When you add in the list that actually counts, her crushes, I stood little chance but figured what the hell, you can’t win if you don’t try. However, due to my being stupid, I didn’t factor in the political barriers. Game. Set. Match.

If I like “Rachel” half as much as I say that I do, I shouldn’t be doing crap like I have been that just makes her life more difficult than it needs to be. I don’t need to do things that cause people to start rumors. I need to grow up and act like I’m her friend instead of doing things that hurt her.

Besides, if I couldn’t make things work with Shaina then how in the hell could I think I could win someone over that wasn’t already interested in me? I should have stuck to my New Year’s Resolution of knowing my limitations.

Good Day.






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