This that and the other

Well let’s start with how I’m doing in the NCAA basketball tourney pools. I joined the ESPN and Yahoo pools. I haven’t checked my standings yet but I went 12-4 on yesterday’s games. That is probably my best opening day in several years. UTEP, Pitt, Texas and Creighton were my four losers. Creighton had it won until they blew it with 2 seconds left. UTEP and Texas just lost by a couple of points. Pitt killed me though because I had them beating Washington in the next round. I have Cincy beating UK on Saturday which is a surprise because I always put UK into at least the Elite Eight. I’m glad that LSU and Alabama fell on their face just like I predicted. I dobut I’ll go 12-4 today but who knows.

I have some plans for the Highland show on Saturday. Should be good chicanery if I can pull it off.

I just got home from the gym. I was able to do 4 sets of 100 on the abcrunch machine. I would struggle to do 4 sets of 25 when I first started so I am pleased with my progress. I’m down to a steady 232-233 now so my next goal is to get to 230. I haven’t been to 230 since KOTDM 2003 when I was getting ready for the match with Bull. I’m going to try to be down to 225 at least by War Games since I haven’t been that low since I wrestled DP in August of 2000. We’ll see how I do.

Nothing else to comment on at the moment. I’m getting ready to leave for the weekend.

Good Day.






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