Maybe happy endings aren’t so bad afterall

I was watching Boy Meets World today and saw an episode that I haven’t seen before. It was the episode where Corey and Topanga get back together after they broke up when Corey was kissed by the girl at the ski lodge. A guy started putting the moves on Topanga at an art gallery and asked her out after they talked all day about Starry Night.

I was wishing bodily harm to befall the guy on the episode. Corey and Shawn to run him down with a car would have been the direction I went with the episode. Instead, Topanga kisses the guy on their date and then realizes that she still loves Corey.

So for all the people out there that think I’m 100% hateful and against happy endings, sometimes I cheer for them.

Some people on the message board have requested that I sing the Safety Dance if I can convince Mickie to allow me to manage her. I don’t think I’ve ever heard the song but the one line of the song that someone mentioned on the board keeps running through my head. Since she smacked the hell out of me after the kiss in Vincennes, I don’t know if I’ll have to worry about learning the song.

I need to go drink a protein shake and maybe do a little on the treadmill here at the house before Jeopardy comes on television.

Good Day.






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