Personality & Love Test

Your Personality Type: The Traditionalist

Bringing quiet strength to the world

As a Traditionalist, you help bring order to the world with your practical skills,
high standards, and common sense.

No one could ask for a more loyal and trustworthy friend. You’re a source of
strength to everyone in your close-knit circle of family and friends. Their safety
and well-being is your top concern. Not only will you drop everything to help
them, but they also know they can count on you for no-nonsense advice and

You have a clear moral center. You know who you are and what you believe.
You’d rather live life than endlessly debate its meaning.

Your boss and co-workers also count on you. You’re a very hard worker. No
matter how difficult or tedious a job is, you’ll plod through it till it’s done. You’re
especially skilled at logistics, coordination, and evaluating people and things.

Of course you wouldn’t know all this from talking to you. You’re extremely
modest and can’t stand show-offs. If anything, you’re too self-critical and don’t
appreciate all the good you do. In fact, you’re probably overdue for some
well-deserved fun, rest, and relaxation.

Your Love Style: Destined

Finding your love is like finding the other part of yourself that makes you complete.
For you, falling in love is like being reunited with the other part of yourself that
finally gives meaning to everything in your life. This “soul mate” completes you.
You empower each other to be the best you can be. You get each other’s jokes and
love the same books and movies. You talk until you go hoarse. You enjoy an
intimacy that most people can’t even imagine.

The downside of the Destined love style is that you typically have to search for
years and years (and go on lots of bad dates) to find this type of love. Destiny is on
your side, but doesn’t always follow your timeline. Also, the intense mental,
emotional, and spiritual bonding you go through can at times get in the way of just
having fun or enjoying great sex. Given how hard it is to find a potential soul mate,
it’s easy to understand why you would take it so seriously. Just don’t forget the
equally silly and sexy aspects of love.

Your approach to love can change over time. You may go through periods when
you need a more casual love style, especially after a painful breakup with a
potential soul mate. For now, the common features of your love “style” include:
You’re looking for a very close, intimate relationship. You want to share the most
important aspects of your life with her and not feel like you have to hold things
back. This means knowing about each other’s pasts, at least about what could
impact your relationship. Most importantly, though, you should be very open and
honest about your life now. If you love her, you’ll want to know about her hopes
and dreams and try to help make them come true.

You’re most likely to fall in love with a woman who is independent by nature. She
won’t expect to merge her life with yours. Keeping separate friends, for example,
will just give you more to talk about when you’re together.

Like the song says, “If you want to know if she loves you so, it’s in her kiss.” You
want passionate kisses and won’t settle for anything less. The two of you will
probably be instantly attracted to each other. You’re not a purist who thinks love is
a saintly connection between “friends.” You have plenty of friends. You want a

Both partners have to decide when they’re ready to make a commitment and at
what pace. Rushing into a commitment only adds to the pressure of forming a
relationship. The two of you have to find the type and level of commitment that
makes sense given your feelings and how long you’ve been together.

Your Biggest Challenge Is: Can you learn to take more risks?

Traditionalists are the backbone of society. So we can’t afford to have you take
too many risks! However, at times you could benefit from overcoming your
concerns and daring to follow your heart. Ask yourself this: “Have I missed opportunities for self-development and fulfillment because I was afraid to take a risk?” “When have I flown against
common sense and taken a chance?” In order to take risks, you have to learn to trust your own decisions. You’re
inclined to talk yourself out of unconventional options, even when you know the situation calls for something out-of-the-ordinary. You also have to highlight the potential benefits. You’re skilled at anticipating possible shortfalls and planning for the worst-case scenario. However, to be a fair decision maker you also have to be
able to weigh both sets of possibilities. Like any change, it’s best to start with small steps. Perhaps that means going to an exotic restaurant or visiting a new city for a weekend trip. When you’re really
ready to shake things up, here are some other possible changes to consider: At times you can be a little too serious and restrained. You need to get in touch with your “silly side.” Discover what makes you laugh and do
more of it. Let someone else be sensible for a while and let yourself be a kid again.

You can be a perfectionist. You set extremely high standards for yourself and others. Yet you consistently undervalue what you accomplish. Nothing you ever do is quite “good enough.” You have to resist the temptation to
focus on details, especially if you lose sight of the big picture by sweating the small stuff.

Your distrust of other people can be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Sometimes it’s wise to keep your guard up. It’s true that pessimistic people tend to see situations more realistically than optimists. On the other hand,
people tend to give us what we want. If you subtly communicate that you expect the worst from someone, that’s likely what you’ll see. To test it out, experiment with sending the opposite signals of trust and optimism and see if you notice a change.

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