Damn 4 updates in 24 hours…I’m on a roll

This will be a tirade only update.

1. I was watching Good Morning America before I went to the gym this morning and they had a news item about a 14 year old kid shooting and killing his bus driver and then fleeing from the bus and eventually being caught in the woods. They had the kid’s sister-in-law on and she just kept saying what a great kid he is. WRONG. He is a piece of shit. Great kids don’t fucking shoot people. Wastes of space shoot people. Then they had to keep saying “allegedly” or “accused” when describing what he did. WRONG. A busload of teenagers witnessed him doing it. Therefore, it isn’t “alledged” because everyone saw he do it. The host asked if the fact that the kid was punished by the bus driver for having chewing tobacco was his motive for the shooting and the lawyers said that it wasn’t. The kid wanted to shoot himself because he was depressed. I guess he just missed…by a lot.

2. US Senator Robert Byrd has come out and called Republicans Nazis. Can you believe this bullshit? Where is the media calling for his head and demanding his resignation? Can you imagine what the outrage would be if Trent Lott came out and called Ted Kennedy an adulterous murderer and a pinko Commie? Forget the fact that the adulterous murderer part is completely true, they would still be in an uproar. I love double standards. That is the number one reason why I got out of politics.

3. This old man at the gym ticks me off everyday. He along with about 10 other people have to carry around their little clipboard to write down everything that they do. This guy goes to every single machine in the place and does 1 set of 10 on it. Somehow, he always ends up going to the machine that I want to use next and making me have to wait for his stupid good for nothing set of 10 to be finished. The old women do the same exact thing.

My tirades are over for now.

Good Day.






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