Tax time, Stupid Truck Drivers & stuff

My grandma made an appointment for us to get our taxes filled out on Thursday afternoon. I’m not looking forward to it. Since I didn’t make quarterly payments, I might have to pay in instead of get a refund. It sucks the years that I have to pay. I’ll be heading to Louisville probably after getting them filled out.

I had my first real road rage explosion of 2005 today on the way home from the gym. The speed limit through Morris is 30 MPH. I was doing 40. A semi behind me wanted to do around 50. He was so close to my back bumper that you couldn’t even see over the top of his hood through my back window. He did the asshole thing and started flashing his lights at me to get out of his way. He then got into a left turn lane and tried to speed past me. He then started getting back over into my lane and forced me to change lanes and almost hit another car. That fucking piece of shit is lucky that my grandma made me take the baseball bats out of my trunk. He wouldn’t have had any headlights left by the time the light turned back to green if I had them. I can’t stand truck drivers. They have to be the biggest most worthless talentless fucks on the face of the planet. “I have no worldly talents so I will drive a vehicle as my profession. I’ll then act like I own the road and can do whatever I want because I’m in a bigger vehicle than everybody else.” Any other time, Morris Police are all over the place on 47 to make sure that the trucks don’t drive like that on Route 47 because it is a big problem through Morris.

Valentine’s Day is less than a week away and I hate it. I watched 7th Heaven last night and the previews for next week’s episode is for it to be a Valentine’s Day Night Musical. Well so much for at least having my tv shows to watch that night. Blah. Double Blah. Maybe even a triple blah. To make the day all the better, I might as well go out to Romines and sit on the truckers’ side and mingle with the filth of the world.

We have Vincennes and Highland this weekend. I’m not sure what is on the Vincennes show but Highland should be fun. Hopefully I won’t have to do airport duty this weekend.

Detour Peanut Butter protein bars are great. The protein shake stuff I have isn’t too bad either.

Everyone needs to watch As Good As It Gets or at least the first half of it. Great movie for the most part. It ranks right up there with Full Metal Jacket for greatest half movie of all time.

Good Day.


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