Well it is half time of the Super Bowl and I’m tired. I want to go to bed early tonight so I’m going to do this stuff now so I can be asleep around 9 or so.

I went to the Valparaiso show on Friday and it was sorta uneventful. There was some major drama going on concerning some happenings the night before in Louisville that led to Big Sweaty Mike making his debut as an IWA referee. I wasn’t there to witness the drama so I won’t go into details. Besides, the details as relayed to me are sickening. Let’s just say that if I didn’t have enough reasons to hate drunkenness and pill popping, there is another reason to add to the list. I even had to help put up the ring and set up since the ring crew was so shorthanded. That makes Jim a very unhappy camper.

Anyway, the Valpo show was awesome. I sat with Chandler McClure at the DJ table with Maniwa most of the night. I enjoyed just getting to sit back and relax and not manage a bunch of times on a show. Chandler and I got involved during the show a couple of times but it wasn’t very time consuming. We had some fun hijinx before the show involving bottles of water and cans of Diet Pepsi and making Chandler be my gopher for the night. Fun times indeed. The show is getting good reviews from those in attendance for a change so that is nice. It was a decent turnout of just under 100. Hopefully we can get it up to around Highland numbers soon.

Maniwa and I drove to Iowa after the show and damn was it foggy. I even put on my old man glasses and still couldn’t see very well. It got a few mentions on the message board from fan’s on how bad the fog was so I guess it wasn’t just us. Of course it might not have been quite as bad if we were able to leave before 2 am since loading everything up took so long. We stopped at my house since it was on the way and I didn’t take a change of clothes or anything to the show in Valpo. I should have known that I would end up going to the hotel and not staying at the house in Morris but I wanted to leave my options open. Anywho, Maniwa and I get to the hotel at 6 am and I think I slept most of the last hour I was driving. I almost ran over a car that was only going about 20 MPH in a 65 MPH zone at one point when I opened my eyes and had to swerve at the last minute to avoid. That woke we up fairly well or at least enough to get us the last 15 miles to the hotel alive. We beat everyone else to the hotel and got into our room. The other two showed up about 40 minutes later or so. We were way too tired to partake in any chicanery.

The Muscatine show was very good as well. There was a sellout on tickets and we had to start selling standing room only tickets. Attendance was 220. I had one match and led Chandler and Steve Stone to victory over Mr. Elite and Trik Davis. Two wins over Trik Davis after getting beat half a dozen times in a row. I like that. I did commentary during Mickie vs. MsChif. It was a damn good match. Those are two very tough women to dish out the punishment on each other the way that they were. I also did commentary during Ian vs. Josh in the barb wire match. I couldn’t stop laughing when Josh came out wrapped in bubble wrap. Genius. It was another great fight and low and behold, Ian breaks his hand by punching Josh in the middle of the match. That guy has absolutely no luck at all. Josh takes advantage of it and gains the win via submission. I don’t know if he’ll miss any time or just tape the hell out it but the war will continue between the Fannin Family and Ian no matter what at this point. It just gives us a great advantage if he doesn’t take time off to heal.

We didn’t really do any chicanery upon returning to the hotel after the show because everyone was still tired from the night before and feeling sick and banged up from the show.

That about sums up the weekend. Until next time…Good Day.






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