What a strange weekend of events

Well I left for Louisville on Thursday afternoon after going to lunch with my grandma and my aunt to celebrate my aunt’s birthday. I got into Louisville at a decent time but a few of the people were sick so it wasn’t as busy as normal around the house.

I found out around this time through mutual friends that Ian Rotten’s father had a stroke and a heart attack and that Ian would have to fly down to Tampa in order to be with him since it isn’t looking good for him. I may have my differences with Ian at the present time but I would never wish something like this upon him. I got to spend quite a bit of time with Pops back in the day and he was definitely a blast to be around. I could see myself being like Pops if I live to be as old as him. Cussing out everybody and being pissed but entertaining to all that happen to be around. I moved into Pops apartment when he moved from Louisville back down to Tampa. I lived in that apartment for almost three years after that until I moved in with Shaina in Indiana. I wish for the best for Pops whatever it may be.

With the events of Friday and Saturday and Sunday, I found out the hard way that my heart still refuses to go down for the count totally. While I am in Morris and Rachel is in Louisville, my heart will let my brain win the fight without much trouble. However, it refuses to be ignored when around Rachel. I’ll keep working on it and I’m sure that eventually my heart to wake up and face reality. Valentine’s Day is coming up soon and I’ll enjoy watching television and going to bed at 9 pm and being depressed just like old times. I was spoiled the last couple of years by actually having things to do on Valentine’s Day. This will be more natural for me. Maybe after that, I’ll have succeeded in my quest for accepting defeat.

Friday was quite a fun day. I got to see Cicero and Shaina. Then it became time to start getting ready for Phantom of the Opera movie and for another exciting episode of Boy Meets World Bowling. I went to a bowling store on Taylor Blvd and got my bowling ball holes redrilled so I can actually use it now. My mom got the ball for me when I was like 12. Now I can start to use it again. Joey Capone, “Eric”, “Rachel” and myself went to see the Phantom of the Opera movie. The others were under the weather and working so it wasn’t as big a group for the movies as there was for bowling. I enjoyed the movie even though I was next to Capone instead of “Rachel”. I didn’t like the movie as well as the play but it was still worth going to see. They changed a few parts around from the play but nothing that ruined the movie. One of the changes actually was better. They had a sword fight during the cemetary scene and they went back to the auction from the start of the movie like I suggested to Rachel that they should have done with the play. I so want to come out to the ring for a promo to the Phantom of the Opera song from the movie. The music at the beginning is so evil sounding and then an opera song should get some boos from the crowd. I’ll see if I can fit it in somehow.

“Rachel” went to get “Sean”, “Angela”, Misty and Carrie for the bowling adventures of Boy Meets World. We all went to Hoops before hand to eat since we were all hungry. We had to chow down on the food extra fast in order to make it to the bowling alley by midnight. It was at Hoops that some of the best news I’ve heard in a long time came to fruition. The Cubs trade Sammy Sosa to Baltimore. I would have been happy if all they got was a bag of baseballs. I despise that f’ing bum Sosa. As soon as he walked out on his teammates and skipped the last game of the season, they should have burned his uniform and fired him on the spot. F him and his 200 strikeouts a season. The Cubs need more team players and I’m glad that Moises “I’m 38 years old and still don’t know how to run the bases” Alou and Sammy “Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me Me” Sosa are long gone. We then went to the bowling alley for some more fun. I was hoping that the Mayor would be able to make the trip but he was under the weather. Maybe he’ll be in for the next round of bowling. I bowled a 153 in the first game with the return of my ball. It was all downhill from there. I was going great in the second game for the first half and then fell apart. It was goof off time from there. “Sean” sat on my lap and made it look like he was going to kiss me on the cheek and Misty took a picture with her cell phone. “Rachel” sat on my lap and posed for a picture as well. We didn’t even bowl the entire three hours because we had to get up early for the Renssalaer show and everyone was tired of bowling.

Saturday morning, “Amy’s” car wouldn’t start so we had to cram everyone into the ring truck and my car. Instead of going home after the show, I had to drive back down to Louisville to make sure everyone was able to make it home. Misty sat in the front seat with me and we talked most of the way back to Louisville. I was shocked that I was able to carry on a conversation for that long but it kept me awake and thus kept us alive. We had to drive way out into the boondocks to take “Jack” home. Most everyone else slept the entire way or most of the way. I think “Amy” was the only other one that was awake but she wasn’t feeling well.

That pretty much sums up my weekend.
Good Day.






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